More Things to Consider Before Becoming a Spray Foam Contractor

More Things to Consider Before Becoming a Spray Foam Contractor


There are many things to consider before becoming a spray foam contractor, not the least of which is to decide whether or not you actually WANT to be one!

If you’ve read Part 1 of our Things to Consider Before Becoming a Spray Foam Contractor blog post and you’re still with us, you must have decided you’re contracting material!

You can find Part 1 here if you haven’t read it yet. It outlines background details you’ll want to get ironed out before starting a spray foam business.

If you’re reading this post, we are under the impression that you’re committed to the idea of being a spray foam contractor. Awesome!

We are also assuming that you’re in the process of compiling all of the equipment and training necessary to run your bright and shiny new business smoothly. 

Enjoy that clean, bright shiny-ness. Soon, it will all be covered in spray foam insulation! (Woot!) 

With Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing’s help, you’ll break in that new spray foam equipment like the pro that you are!



There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your BOSS spray foam machine.

We will outline some of the main factors below, but for a more in-depth look at which BOSS proportioner is right for you and your business, check out our blog on the subject and our “Which Machine is Right For Me?” quiz!



One of the main influences over which BOSS spray foam machine is perfect for your business is the temperature of the environment you’ll be spraying in.

With proper heat management, any of our machines are capable of spraying in any climate. However, we recommend our 5/6K and 6/6K machines for warm temperatures and our 5/12K and 6/12K machines for cold environments.

Regardless of your preheating needs, BOSS preheaters are the best on the market! Check out our preheat blog for more info. 



The second main factor to keep in mind when choosing your BOSS proportioner is the type of material you plan to spray through your machine.

All of our machines are designed to spray any 1:1 spray foam insulation on the market.  

If you plan to spray foam insulation exclusively, our 5” machines will be perfect for you. Check out our 5/6K machine for warm climates here and our 5/12K machine for cold climates here.

Our 6” BOSS proportioners are designed to spray both foam insulation and polyurea liners.  

If you plan to spray polyurea - or desire the option to do so in the future - our 6/6K warm-climate machines and our 6/12K cold-climate machines are perfect for you.

For more information about any of our spray foam machines, check out our “Which Machine is Right For Me?” blog post and quiz, or reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.



Another important consideration when choosing your BOSS spray foam machine is the business’ workload.

Are you an established contractor looking to expand into the spray foam insulation world?

Do you already run a spray foam insulation business? Are you looking for a higher volume machine for your growing customer base?

Our phenomenal BOSS Hydraulic Proportioners are designed for high-volume contractors. They will keep up with even your heaviest workloads!

We even have double-hose hydraulic machines, so two of your best sprayers can work at once - from one machine!

Don’t need a huge machine just yet, but still want the impressive capabilities of a BOSS proportioner?

Check out our blog post on which machine is right for you - or take a 360° rig tour to see what comes in our trailer rigs!

BOSS spray foam machines are built to LAST! They are rugged and stand the test of time, just like you.

With a little bit of care, your BOSS proportioner will still be up and running long after you’ve retired!

Start where you are, though. There’s no reason to buy a bigger machine than necessary. 

Our entry-level machines are still top-of-the-line!

And our spray foam rigs? Oooooo, son!! They are beauties!



Our trailer rigs are a sight to behold! They are all-inclusive and designed to be spray-ready.

We will deliver your new rig right to you and even provide the training you need to use your BOSS equipment well.

Would you like more information on our trailer rigs?

Check out our 360° Rig Tour blog post!

Even if you don’t want to purchase a trailer rig, there are essential trailer details to keep in mind.

If you decide that you want to install a BOSS spray foam machine in a trailer you provide, it will need to be an enclosed trailer at least 16’ long and 6’ 8” tall to house your equipment properly.

Yes, it really does need to be an enclosed trailer. 

Rain is part of life and NOT a healthy part of a BOSS Proportioner’s natural habitat. You want it to thrive, don’t you??

If your trailer is shorter than 16’ in length, you won’t be able to fit all of the necessary equipment to run your spray foam machine in the trailer rig.

Then you’d just have a giant brick of useless metal and tubes. 

Nah. Go with a length of at least 16’.

Your trailer will also need dual axles rated to 5000 lbs apiece, which is likely an upgrade from the original axle weight capabilities.

Bottom line here: spray foam equipment and materials are heavy. Without dual axles rated to 5000-lb apiece, your trailer will not be able to adequately support the weight that you will be putting in it.

If you serve mountainous areas, you may want to consider using a box truck instead of a trailer rig so you have more control when maneuvering in tight spaces.

You still want it to be at least 6’ 8” tall, though.

If your trailer is less than 6’ 8” tall, you won’t be able to take your barrel pumps out of your spray foam barrels. 

Bummer, dude.

You might also hit your head much more than you’d like. But that’s beside the point…



Everything lasts longer when given the proper care.

Even rugged, long-lasting equipment that is designed to serve you for years to come appreciates regular maintenance.

For more information about properly caring for your BOSS equipment, check out our blog post on the subject!



We know that a spray foam job isn’t a delicate environment, so we designed our BOSS equipment to withstand anything!

Most of the time, as long as you follow our maintenance guidelines, your BOSS equipment should simply WORK!

There are some things you’ll probably want to keep on hand to ensure efficient repairs if necessary, though. With that in mind, we have compiled spare parts lists for you - just in case. 

You can find them here!

Our equipment is simple and designed to be easily repaired (if repairs are ever necessary)!

We also suggest that you have at least one spare spray foam gun on hand for each of your workers. Sometimes, plugs are best dealt with later, right?



If you purchase one of our trailer rigs, they come with a generator for powering your spray foam equipment.  

Do you need a generator for running your BOSS spray foam equipment?

Without electrical training, the answer is yes.

"You used to be an electrician and totally know all about that," you say??


You could just tap into shore power while on the job, then!

Using external power also means you can offer your customers a lower job bid since you don’t need to pay for gasoline or diesel to power a generator.



And DO NOT ATTEMPT if you are untrained!!!!



Proper training is essential to a successful spray foam contracting business.

Learning from trial and error alone might bankrupt you, not to mention your wasted time.

Good news, though! Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing offers in-person training!

We can show you all the ins and outs of the spray foam business.

We will come to you, teach you how to use your BOSS Spray foam equipment safely, and show you how to properly maintain your equipment so that your BOSS machine, spray hose, and spray foam gun will last as long as possible!

Preparing yourself and your employees before jumping into the foamy depths will save you headaches, heartaches, and all the other aches that come with spray foam mistakes.

Call us today to set up your training.



You should think about who will supply your foam BEFORE you buy all your spray foam equipment.  

Yes. Before.

Because getting foam these days isn’t the simplest thing in the world.

And entering into a market in which supplies are difficult to come by might be setting yourself up for failure.


Do your research, just like always, and make sure you have a good spray foam supplier before you!

Who ya gonna call?? 

(…No. Not Ghostbusters. Unless they are spray foam suppliers now…then maybe!)

If you are already a spray foam contractor and you’re having a difficult time locating spray foam right now, we may be able to help.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing sends out foam shipments every week and does the very best it can to get spray foam to our customers when they need it!

If you’re interested in getting on our spray foam supply list, let us know.



Regardless of who supplies your foam, you need to be aware of the regulations regarding spray foam material in your area.

Some states are transitioning to the new EPA guidelines, requiring the replacement of HFCs with HFOs in spray foam insulation.

If you have no idea what that even freakin’ means, DON’T PANIC!  

We have a blog post for that! Check it out here.  

We keep an eye on the regulations in different states and will only deliver EPA-compliant material to your area. So, again, if you’re interested in signing up for our spray foam supply list, let us know!



Once you get your hands on some foam, knowing how to store it is essential to the life of the product.

Spray foam material needs to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. (NOT outside.)

For more information on how to store your foam, check out this blog post and contact your supplier for brand-specific guidelines.



Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here to help you on your spray foam journey!

You are not in this alone - but there are many things to consider before becoming a spray foam contractor.  

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until we meet again - SPRAY ON!

- The Team at BOSS

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