Cost-to-Output Ratio Explained

Cost-to-Output Ratio Explained


 There are a lot of sleazy sales guys out there.

Salespeople - in general - certainly don’t have a reputation for saving you money!

There are honest salespeople out there - but it can be difficult to find honest anything, right?

No matter what you are trying to purchase, you can pay all the money you want for it.

Somewhere, there will be a salesperson to pitch a story to you that will make you believe their wares are the best, despite the price.

We fall for the heartfelt stories - the words that are lovingly crafted - willing you to feel for the salesperson and encouraging you to pull the trigger on your purchase.

Some stories are real, though, and those are the best ones. The honest ones, from the salespeople who genuinely believe in their products.

We can get behind people who convince us they really believe in what they are selling.

But how do you know if they are telling the truth?

How do you know who to trust with your cash?

For that matter, how do you know Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is honest??

One of the best ways to dig out the truth is to do your research and pay attention to the details.

Compare the numbers and the product capabilities for your purchases, and you’ll know more about what you’re getting for your money.

Take spray foam machines, for instance.

Assuming that all of the spray foam machines you’re considering on the market are functional, it helps to compare them side-by-side.

Doing your research before investing in any foam machine is absolutely the way to go.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing WANTS you to do your research!

Please! Research the CRAP out of BOSS spray foam equipment!  

BOSS products will stand up to rigorous examination. They are rugged, after all. They know their own worth!

Honestly, we believe that we make the BEST spray foam equipment on the market - including the best spray foam machines.

We have the best preheaters.

We have the best fluid pumps.

We offer the best bang for your buck here at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing!



 How do we offer you lower prices for superior equipment?

Well, we design our own equipment based on years of actual spray foam contracting experience.

We manufacture our own parts right here in our Louisiana-based shop.

And we remove the middleman system of distributors from the picture to sell our lovingly crafted wares factory-direct to you.

When we design our products, we respect the fact that you are a capable spray foam contractor - and incorporate that knowledge into our equipment.  

You don’t need fancy, delicate computers running the show at a spray foam job.

YOU do that!

What you need is rugged, reliable equipment that works FOR you, not against you.

The parts that we make for your machine are designed to last a lifetime, with a little bit of care.

If something does go wrong with your BOSS spray foam machine, we acknowledge that you’re capable of handling your own repairs!

With that in mind, we designed our BOSS spray foam machines to be quickly repaired with easily located parts.

No more waiting on an expensive motherboard to fix your broken, computer-driven machine.  

Just grab the parts you need at your local electrical store, fix your machine, and get back to spraying!

We know you’ve got this - so we’ll let you have it! Off you go!

Oh - and you get the “distributor’s price,” because there are no actual distributors to mark the prices up on BOSS spray foam machines!


We keep prices low by selling you BOSS spray foam equipment directly to you.

You’re welcome!

How else do we compare BOSS proportioners with our competitors’ spray foam machines?

We use a ratio that describes the cost of what you get from a spray foam machine, regardless of brand.

It’s called the “cost-to-output ratio,” and goodness, it is enlightening!

Let us show you!



You need a way to compare all of the spray foam machine prices on the market.

What does a spray foam machine really cost?

What is your money paying for?

You can pay almost anything you want for a spray foam machine, but what you get for your money varies drastically from company to company and brand to brand.

If you don’t know what you’re getting for your money, then you’re wasting it!

So what’s a comparable factor that is part of every spray foam machine? Output capabilities!

What if you compared the output capabilities of spray foam machines with their cost, using that ratio as a benchmark for what you get for your money?

Sounds like a good plan to us!

And there you have it - our favorite guiding principle for comparing spray foam machine prices - the Cost-to-Output ratio!

How do you find that number?

Divide the cost of the spray foam machine by the pounds per minute that the machine sprays, and voila! You’ve found the cost-to-output ratio.

If you compare the cost-to-output ratios for all of the spray foam machines you are considering, you’ll have a better gauge as to what your money is buying.

Yes, there are other factors to consider when choosing a spray foam machine.

There are preheaters & fluid pumps to examine!

There are bells and whistles admire!

Many factors come into play when choosing which machine best fits your spray foam contracting business.

But there are also many disparities between those elements, and they can be difficult to compare across brands.

Cost is cost, and output is output.

You can choose your favorite bells and whistles later.

Cost and output capabilities are directly comparable across the board.

We advocate for thorough research BEFORE investing in spray foam equipment. We truly do.

One of our guiding principles is putting the power back into the contractor’s hands - and research is certainly part of that power!

Go ahead - educate yourself on what is available to you so you can make an informed decision!

We will tell you this, though:

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has the best cost-to-output ratios out there!



BOSS proportioners have high output numbers and low costs.

That means that the cost-to-output ratios of BOSS spray foam machines are much lower than those of the competition.

Let’s look at some rough numbers as examples.

BOSS machines start at around $9000.

The output of all of our air-powered machines is a whopping 32 lbs/min!

(That’s a ginormous output, man!)

If you divide $9000 by 32 lbs/min, you end up with a cost-to-output ratio of ~280.  

That’s $280 for every pound per minute of output that a BOSS spray foam machine is capable of spraying.

And 280? That’s roughly 1/3 of the cost-to-output ratio of the competition’s comparable spray foam machines.

Yes, really.

As a rule, Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing’s BOSS spray foam machines run ~1/3 to 1/2 of the price of the competition!

That’s a significant difference!

Our 6/12K High Volume BOSS Proportioners - with their massive 12KW preheaters and their ability to spray both polyurea and foam insulation - run ~$12,500.

Being one of our air-powered machines, they can spray 32 lbs/min, as we stated above.

That’s a cost-to-output ratio of 391.

What about our biggest machines?

Our massive hydraulic machines run $19,975.

What’s their output capability?

Hold onto your hats - this might blow them right off your heads!

Our BOSS Hydraulic Proportioners are capable of spraying 64 lbs/min!! Yes. That’s really real.

So the cost-to-output ratio of our hydraulic proportioners? 312!

How do similar machines compare to BOSS cost-to-output ratios?

Typically, the cost is much higher for competitor’s machines, and their output capabilities are lower.  

Higher prices for lower outputs drive the cost-to-output ratios up.

A simple Google search will return current prices for spray foam machines on the market.

A $14,000 machine capable of spraying 18 lbs/min has a cost-to-output ratio of 778. (Yikes.)

$20,000 for an output capability of 20 lbs/min has a huge cost-to-output ratio of 1000.

$25,000 for 30 lbs/min is a bit better - at a cost-to-output ratio of 833. But, um, yeah…that’s still really high.

That’s $833 per pound of output each minute versus our $280.

You probably see our point.

In short, BOSS spray foam machines have much better cost-to-output ratios than competitors’ machines.  

There are other factors to consider when purchasing your spray foam machine - but the cost-to-output ratio sure is eye-opening!



At Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, we work hard to bring you the best spray foam equipment on the market.

We care about customer satisfaction - and the price you pay for your spray foam equipment! 

We want you to pay less for more, and we want your purchases to last as long as possible.

How do we make that happen?

We create outstanding, reliable equipment, manufacture our own parts, and sell our superior products directly to you - the rugged, capable spray foam contractor.

Yes, our words can be pretty.

But we are the real deal!

We do it all at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing - and we do it all for you!

So get to researching!  

Compare cost-to-output ratios for every machine you can find!

If you have questions about BOSS proportioners or any of our other spray foam equipment, we would love to talk to you!

No one knows our products better than we do!

Until next time - SPRAY ON!

- The Team at BOSS

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