Scary Savings, Scary Control, Scary Potential: A Spray Foam Insulation Ode to Friday the 13th

Scary Savings, Scary Control, Scary Potential: A Spray Foam Insulation Ode to Friday the 13th



“Welp, this day is cursed,” you say, “better go back to bed.”

Now, wait just one minute!

If you go back to bed, you’ll miss the scary stories!  

This is Friday the 13th - you gotta tell scary stories around the (proverbial - or REAL) campfire!

So grab a seat, and let’s get started!

Here, have a s’more, too.

Okay, here we go.



Once upon a time, there was a spray foam contractor named….Scott. Yup, Scott.


Scott loved a good deal.

He loved them so much, in fact, that he would search the newspapers and the internet for coupon codes to save as much money as possible.

He didn’t go as far as some people you hear about - but he did get a kick out of saving some dough.

What did he do with all that leftover money?

He put it in an old jam jar in the back of his fridge (no one ever looks for cash in the fridge!) and counted the cash periodically, like a modern-day Scrooge.  

When he had enough saved up, Scott planned to buy himself the best spray foam machine on the market! (His was due for an upgrade.)

He’d have to do his research, but he was already leaning toward a….well - that’s a secret! He can’t go around blabbing about all the best deals on the spray foam market! Those were for his eyes only!


So Scott saved and saved, and scrimped, and scavenged, and finally, he had enough money for a foam machine!

After weeks of intensive research, he narrowed it down to two machines.  

Eventually, he bought the secret machine he’d had in mind all along. He was so excited that - uncharacteristically - he paid extra for expedited shipping, so he didn’t have to wait ANY LONGER!

When delivery day arrived, he opened his front door, got the first look at his brand new spray foam machine - and his heart stopped in his chest.

His face fell, and his palms began to sweat.

All that time, all that cash, all those coupons!

For this!?

This DISAPPOINTMENT of a foam machine!?

This couldn’t be HIS machine! It wasn’t what he’d wanted at all!

He wetted his lips to ask the very normal-looking delivery driver whether there had been a mistake when…THE MACHINE CAME ALIVE!!

The lights on the touch-screen panel began to flicker, and there was a humming that sounded like…

scoooooott! SCOOTTT!!”

The hair on the back of Scott’s neck stood on end, and the blood drained from his face as the spray hose began to unwind itself and crawl slowly toward him…

Terrified, Scott turned to the delivery driver - who suddenly looked anything BUT normal, draped in a billowing black cape and a fiery suit.  

There was a sinister red glow emitting from his beady eyes as the devilish delivery driver grinned a pointy grin…


Scott shot up in bed, covered in sweat.

“Holy crow!” thought Scott, “This must be a sign. I was on the fence, but I guess I should go with the BOSS Proportioner….”


Scared ya, didn’t we?!

Okay, okay. We know - it wasn’t that scary.

But we DO have some scary good prices for you and the best spray foam machines on the market, to boot!

That’s no secret.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is unique in the spray foam industry. 

We work to bring you the best spray foam equipment, made right here in our shop, for lower than low prices - all while keeping the control in the contractor’s hands.

We are so unique - and our deals are so awesome - that it’s SCARY!



Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has saved the spray foam industry over $70 million - and counting!


Yes, really!

A boatload of money is still in the pockets of spray foam contractors - just like you - because we create unique opportunities to save you money.

How do we save you that much money?

We design, test, and manufacture our own equipment and work directly with you - no middlemen allowed!

You talk to us directly, we ship to you directly, and you keep your savings for your own fridge cash stash! 

Why do we care about saving you millions?

Because we started just like you.

We were spray foam contractors too - so we know what it’s like out there.

It’s no cakewalk.

It’s sweaty.

It’s messy.

And it’s rewarding.

Hard work has a certain level of satisfaction, and owning your own business gives you control over your own dang life.

Enough with the forced schedules and waiting hand and foot on a boss that you can’t ever seem to get along with, no matter how many times you change jobs.

Enough with the cubicle prison.

Enough with all the lame expectations that come with meeting sales goals, coworker drama - all of it.


We totally relate.

We also know that being your own boss is difficult.

So hard, in fact, that you might not sleep well at night, thinking of all of the issues that have come up during the day.

We know.

You don’t need distributors to make your life harder than it already is.

You deserve more control over your business than that!



In this world of cubicles and obligatory office Christmas parties, it’s a whole new challenge to find your own way as an entrepreneur.

There are taxes and employees to pay.

There are customers to meet and profits to be made.

There’s SO MUCH WORK to do!

Know what you don’t need? Your spray foam equipment supplier giving you the run-around.

You need to be able to talk to the manufacturer directly!  

You need to be able to get the parts you need, like, NOW - and you need to be able to fix them yourself.

With Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, control is what you get!

As mentioned above, we are our own manufacturers. We design equipment that is long-lasting and easily fixed.

Need a part to replace the complicated computer system in your BOSS spray foam machine?

No, you DON’T!

Our BOSS proportioners are equipped with SIMPLE parts because, dang it, a spray foam job, as we are fond of saying, is not your Aunt Gertrude’s parlor!

You don’t want to take a super high-tech machine into the depths of the spray foam pit - you need reliable equipment that you can work on with your own two hands.

You need switch-and-relay parts that you can find at any local electronics or hardware store.

You need to be able to afford the repairs to your spray foam equipment when they are necessary!

We’ve got you covered - and you’ve got the power!

You work with us directly, you ask us questions directly, and you fix your own equipment problems.

You do you!

We will help if you need it, but we won’t be standing in the way of your success.

That’s not our style - and you’re just too awesome to be stopped!

Break out of that distributer-based system and get on the Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing bandwagon, where you’ve got so much control that it’s SCARY!



We see who you are.

You’re a spray foam contractor.

You are a business owner.

You are making your own way in life.

And you’ve GOT THIS!

We see the potential in you AND your business.

It’s not even hard to find. See it?? It’s right there!!

Okay, stand right where we are and take another look.

Yup - it’s a mirror, duh.

YOU’RE YOU! And that’s amazing!

You have so much potential to succeed in this world that it’s SCARY! 

(Yes, we’re almost done with the Friday the 13th thing…but for real, you’ve got crazy potential!)

Our job at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is to help you along your spray foam contracting journey - not to hinder your progress.

You need spray foam equipment? We got you!

You need training? Call us and get on our books today! We’d love to train you!

You need your questions answered? Yup, ready to talk about that when you are. Call us today!

You need support in other areas of your life? We care about that too. Check out our Heart of BOSS blog post - and reach out to us if you want to!

We are all humans - and we are all defined by more than our jobs, more than money, more than we can even imagine.

Also, we know ourselves better than anyone else does.

You know you can do this.

No one knows you like you know you.  

Believe in yourself!

Now, GO GET ‘EM!



As you navigate the turbulent waters of Friday the 13th, remember Scott.

Scott made the right choice.

He slammed the door in the face of the scary delivery dude and his murderous spray foam machine and decided on a BOSS Proportioner instead!

We promise - there are no sentient or evil spray foam machines produced by Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing!

The only scary things about BOSS spray foam machines are their scary awesome prices!

To choose which machine is right for you, visit this blog post!

Reach out with any questions. We look forward to your call.

Until we meet again - SPRAY ON! 

…or else! Muah ha ha!

(Just kidding!)

- The Team at BOSS


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