1. Your Success is Our Success
    It really is that simple. We want you to succeed and we will go beyond what is expected of a manufacturer to make you successful. But don't just take my word for it here... Give us a call! 
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  2. What is HAVOC?
    So this is what Havoc is to us. Reliable, simple, durable equipment made in the United States by engineers and craftsmen that stand behind their product, for an affordable price
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  3. HAVOC Breaking Down Barriers
    We believe everyone that wants to build their own future should have the chance and we are here to give you the boost up you need to do that.  
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  4. You Can't Beat the Heart
    Social pressure dictates that we conform to those around us, but a majority of social pressure is manufactured by those with the largest marketing budget...
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  5. On the Horizon
    In industries like ours change comes fast. Sometimes it can be hard to stay at the bleeding edge of new technology... But we stay lean to stay at the forefront of the pack innovating new ways to put control back in the contractors hands.
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  6. In the trenches with You
    We are all in this together. More than anything else that happens in the office or our machine shop, or on our assembly floor, we believe in the c...
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  7. Designed Simple... Built to Last
    Nothing embodies the driving force behind our engineering process than these five words: Designed Simple, Built to Last. The origin of our design ...
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  8. Our new Shop Site -  Built with you in mind.
    We revamped our website so you’re one click away from any replacement part or piece of equipment you need to keep you on the job and spraying foam.
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