Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Continues to Bring You Industry-Changing Spray Foam Equipment

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Continues to Bring You Industry-Changing Spray Foam Equipment


We’ve said it many times, and we will say it again: 

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is in the problem-solving business.

As a result, we are the leaders in spray foam equipment innovation.

The innovations we make don’t try to fix what isn’t broken - they fix what NEEDS fixing!

We design and produce equipment that supports you in the messy, sweaty, gritty environment of a spray foam job.

Equipment that works in your natural habitat, you spray foam contractor, you.

  Look at him thrive, folks! He’s really in his element!

  And that equipment! Boy, does that look amazing! We’ve never seen anything like it before!

  It’s totally BOSS!

…Okay. Sorry. We got a little carried away there.

Really, though - we are in no doubt about what goes on at a spray foam job.

We have worked them, too.

We have sweated in the attics, just like you.

We have struggled to spray with cold-stiffened fingers, just like you.

And just like you, we have yelled and screamed at our malfunctioning equipment while on the job.

It’s never a good time for equipment to break down.

But it happens.

What did we do about that?

As you would expect from the leading equipment designers and manufacturers in this industry, we made reliable, revolutionary equipment that works WITH you - not against you!

And we aren’t done. Oh, no.

There are always problems to solve.

So we are working to solve them!

Let’s take a gander at our innovations - old and new!

That’s right - we are going to give you a sneak peek of our revolutionary HAVOC Hose! Stay tuned - it’s coming soon to Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing’s Online Store!

But first, let’s review what we’ve already done to improve the longevity of your spray foam equipment.


This is the part where we reveal that we are, in fact, old-school!

Yes, we innovate on behalf of the entire spray foam industry - but WHY fix what isn’t broken??

Computers are wonderful.

They have saved countless lives, and they keep us connected across long distances.

But you don’t need expensive, complicated computer systems in your spray foam machine.

Really. You don’t.

You certainly don’t need a computer to tell you when the foam insulation coming out of your spray foam gun is unbalanced.

You can see that for yourself, man!

Trying to make everything “idiot-proof” - in ANY industry - is creating a world that relies heavily on machines, which can remove the drive to truly learn one's trade.

That’s a problem because most people aren’t idiots! 

Most people just need an opportunity to learn.

We want to help fuel education and keep people who use BOSS machines thinking!

As we know you can.

So use that beautiful brain of yours, and trust your instinct.

We believe in you!

As with many industries, if you don’t understand what you’re doing as a spray foam contractor BEFORE you spray foam, you can seriously harm yourself and others - no matter what type of spray foam machine you purchase.

We harp on safety because it’s important! You can’t help anyone - or make any more money - when you’re out of commission.

So do your research, pay attention to the details, and follow the safety guidelines of all spray foam equipment!

Alright, enough about that.

Back to switch-and-relay technology!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Right!

As we said, computers are lovely and have an essential place in this world, but a spray foam job is NOT the place for complex computing.

A spray foam job is a place for simple, reliable, easily fixed switch-and-relay technology!

If something goes wrong with your BOSS machine, you can find most replacement parts at your local hardware or electronics store!  

You don’t need to spend all weekend waiting to talk with a supplier - just get the replacement part, fix your machine, and get back to spraying!

(Haven’t purchased a machine or set up your training session yet? Call us - we will get you up and running in no time!)

We’ve even put together a spare parts kit for you, just in case!

Probably, though? Probably your BOSS machine will just work, man.

That’s how we designed it.

BOSS Proportioners are made to spray through anything!

Potholes in the road. 

Freezing temperatures.

Crazy Aunt Gertrudes. (Watch it, lady!)


Our reliable, rugged spray foam machines will be there for you time and time again.

Switch-and-relay technology isn’t the only way Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing keeps you afloat on the sea of spray foam insulation.

You can spray more foam with less strain on your BOSS Proportioner because we equipped it with pumps from the Land of Giants!


There’s no dinky anything on a BOSS Machine.

That includes the spray foam pumps.

Our pumps are something like - we don’t know - what was that number again, Frank? 200%?

Was it 200% larger than any of our competitors?

Yes? That’s right. That’s what we thought. 

BOSS Proportioner spray foam pumps are ~200% larger than any others on the market.

(Mic drop.)

Bigger is better, they say.

And bigger pumps really are better.

A bigger pump, all kidding aside, means that you can spray more foam per stroke.

That means you can cover more board footage per stroke than you can with any other machine on the market.

And THAT means that you can finish more quickly, with less strain on your BOSS machine.

Less strain means longer-lasting.

That saves you time AND money.

You’re welcome!

What else do we do for you? We keep creating more advanced equipment, of course!  

Want more proof? Check out our GEN 3 Spray Foam Gun!


All of our spray foam applicators are designed to provide stellar foam mixing and top-notch board coverage.

We evolved with the times and made our BOSS AP3 GEN 3 applicator to go above and beyond.

The GEN 3 applicator creates the best foam mixture yet!

And, like everything else that wears the BOSS name, our applicators are built to LAST!

All of the wear parts in our applicators are super-hardened and stand the test of time.

You won’t find a better applicator anywhere else!

But what’s a spray foam gun without a spray hose?


Our traditional spray hose is already revolutionary.

It is designed to heat thoroughly and spray smoothly!

But some things have a shelf life, right?


We don’t like that.

So while our current spray hose is already great, we are working on something even BETTER!

Imagine a spray hose that will last significantly longer than any on the market today.  

A spray hose you don’t have to take off of the spray rack before use.

A spray hose that you don’t even have to flush every time you use it.

Does this sound wild or what??


We have developed a spray hose that does all of these things.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing strikes again! (Muah-Ha-Ha!)

This hose we speak of lasts longer, sprays better, and requires less maintenance than traditional spray hoses.

Meet the HAVOC Hose!

Traditional spray hose employs a hydrophilic liner, which means it breaks down in the presence of water, especially when that moisture is heated and put under pressure.

News flash: spray foam insulation contains water, is thoroughly heated and sprayed using high pressure. Triple-whammy.

Don’t abandon all hope, though - we created HAVOC Hose just for you!

HAVOC Hose is already wreaking havoc on the industry (see what we did there?) - and it’s not even available for purchase yet! 

(Stay tuned - this state-of-the-art product is coming to Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing’s online store very soon!)

What makes HAVOC Hose so great?

We are so glad you asked!

HAVOC Hose is lined with a hydrophobic material, delivering up to 70x the moisture-blocking capabilities of traditional 3/8” spray hose!

HAVOC Hose also has ~3x the temperature rating of traditional spray hose and weighs 33% less, to boot!  

Lower weight means it’s easier - and safer - to lug your hose around a job site.

In short, HAVOC Hose won’t break under pressure or heat like a traditional spray hose, and as a result, will last significantly longer.

It might very well be the last spray hose you EVER buy.

That truly is BOSS!


Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is continually working to keep you spraying foam.  

We are constantly creating new, innovative products that push the spray foam industry forward.

We also care about your success, and we know that you need rugged, reliable equipment that works.  

Our BOSS Proportioners run on reliable switch-and-relay technology and are equipped with bigger, better spray foam pumps than are found elsewhere on the market.

We have created a new generation of BOSS spray foam applicators to keep you spraying the best-mixed foam you possibly can!

And did we stop there? No way!

We also created HAVOC Hose to wreak havoc on this industry and save you time and money! It lasts longer and weighs less - how can you beat that?

Let us help you spray more foam.

Reach out to our trained technicians for more information about our BOSS equipment today!

Until we meet again - SPRAY ON!

- The Team at BOSS




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