Which BOSS Spray Foam Machine is Best for You?

Which BOSS Spray Foam Machine is Best for You?


Are you searching for the best spray foam machine for your spray foam contracting business?  

Are you struggling to locate the information you need to make your purchase and get to spraying?

Do you wish there was a better way?

Never fear! Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here!

We have a foam machine for every need - and we make it easy for you to find the perfect machine for your business.

Take our quick & easy quiz to help you find the information you need in seconds, hassle-free!

The answers you need are all right there at your fingertips.

Don’t just take our word for it - check it out for yourself! 

Click here to take our “Which Machine is Right For Me?” quiz now!

If you prefer to read about the different machines first, no problem.

We will walk you through the quiz information step-by-step!

First question: what type of materials do you want to spray with your foam machine?


Spray foam insulation is a versatile substance capable of many functions, not the least of which is insulating a building or structure. Spray foam can also help stabilize a crumbling or sinking building foundation or act as a vapor or moisture seal. Basically, it’s incredible!

If spray foam insulation is your gig, and you plan on spraying it exclusively, we recommend our 5” air-powered BOSS proportioners - either the 5/6K or the 5/12K machine will do nicely.

While our 5” BOSS machines deliver plenty of pressure to spray foam and perform concrete jacking, spraying polyurea requires higher pressure capabilities than our 5” machines can provide.

We recommend our high-pressure, 6” air-powered BOSS machines if you plan to spray polyurea jobs along with your spray foam gigs. The 6/6K or 6/12K machine is perfect for spraying poly and foam.

What is the difference between 6K and 12K? Preheat!


All of our BOSS proportioners can spray in any weather, given the proper care and heat management. Each of our BOSS proportioners is rugged, capable, and worthy of the name BOSS!

However, we only recommend our 6,000 kW (6K) machines for warm climates or exclusively indoor, climate-controlled use.

If you spray foam in a cold climate, our heavy-duty 12,000 kW (12K) preheaters will serve you best.  

Still have doubts about preheating needs? Check out our BOSS Preheaters blog post!

You can find out more about each type of BOSS spray foam machine later in this post.  

For now, tell us: do you need a trailer rig or just a spray foam machine for your business?


Do you need a pre-assembled trailer rig, ready to rock and roll, or simply a spray foam machine to get your business started?

You can purchase your spray foam equipment from us no matter what you need!

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing covers all the bases and puts the power back in your hands.

If you’d like more information about our spray foam rigs, head over to our 360° Rig Tour blog post! If you’re simply looking for a spray foam machine, read on to find more about each one.

Let us help you make the most informed decision you can and bolster your spray foam contracting business!


The trailer sizes we choose for our rigs are based on adequately housing the size and type of BOSS spray foam machine you need for your business. Upgrades are available for any of our rigs - reach out to us for a quote!

16’ trailers will comfortably hold the 5/6K, 5/12K, 6/6K, and 6/12K machines. All of our trailer rigs that include an air-powered BOSS Proportioner come in a 16’ trailer unless upgraded. 

You can upgrade any 16’ trailer rig to a bigger trailer if desired! The air compressor and generator in a 20’ or 24’ trailer are walled off from the rest of your equipment, creating a quieter work area and a roomier feel. Say the word, and the bigger trailer is yours! (We like extra room, too!)

Our commercial roofing hydraulic trailer rig comes housed in a 20’ trailer. The equipment is simply too big to shove into a smaller trailer comfortably! If you need even more space, you can upgrade to a 24’ trailer. Just let us know.

What powers your trailer rig? The generator and air compressor on board!


Our spray foam trailer rigs - except for the commercial roofing hydraulic rig - come fitted with a gasoline-powered generator and air compressor.  

Our commercial roofing hydraulic trailer rig is equipped with a diesel-powered generator and air compressor.

If you choose to purchase one of our trailer rigs with an air-powered machine but prefer a diesel-powered generator and air compressor, let us know! We will gladly upgrade your equipment. Give us a call, and we can give you an updated quote for your spray foam rig.

For more information about our top-shelf trailer rigs, check out our 360° Rig Tour blog post!


We know that sometimes, you just want to compare different products to choose the right one for yourself - so let’s break down the features of each of our BOSS spray foam machines!

What do you need from your BOSS proportioner?

5/6K BOSS Proportioners

So you just want to spray foam in a warm climate and maybe work the occasional concrete jacking job?

Our 5/6K BOSS machine is for you!

BOSS 5” air-powered machines create plenty of pressure for any spray foam insulation, and our efficient 6,000 kW preheaters will keep your foam materials toasty.

The 5/6K machine can spray countless jobs, as long as they only involve spray foam insulation. However, if you plan to spray any polyurea liners or agricultural sealants, you will need a machine with higher pressure capabilities.

Either of our high-pressure, 6” air-powered machines can spray polyurea roof or bedliner coatings as well as foam. Check out our 6/6K or our 6/12K machines!

Not interested in poly, but live and work in a cold climate? Consider the 5/12K BOSS Proportioner!

5/12K BOSS Proportioners

Need a spray foam machine to apply spray foam insulation in a cold climate? You might be concrete jacking in the snow, you say - but you wouldn’t dream of spraying polyurea?

Then the 5/12K BOSS machine is made just for you!

Equipped with two of our massive, 6,000 kW preheaters for a grand total of 12,000 kilowatts (!) of preheat, our 12K machines will crush the preheating game every time.

Our 5/12K machines are specifically designed to spray every single type of spray foam insulation in cold climates. Like our other BOSS machines, our 5/12K machines will deliver the necessary pressure to perform concrete jacking jobs, too.

If you plan to spray polyurea liners or sealants, we recommend our 6/12K BOSS proportioner for cold climates instead.  

What’s so special about our 6” air-powered proportioners? Take a look!

6/6K BOSS Proportioners

Not sure exactly what type of contracting jobs you will end up with?  

You know you want to spray foam insulation, but you might want to play the polyurea game too?

Are you spraying in a warm climate or exclusively in climate-controlled environments?

Then our 6/6K BOSS Proportioner is for you!

Our 6” air-powered BOSS machines can spray ANYTHING!

Their high-pressure capabilities make it possible to spray a foam insulation job one day and a polyurea agricultural sealant job the next!  

Spray foam? 6/6K and 6/12K BOSS machines can spray it!

Polyurea bed liners? Yup!

Roof coatings? Absolutely! BOSS high-pressure proportioners have got it covered.

Seriously. If you’ve got it, Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing’s 6” air-powered machines can spray it!

6/6K BOSS machines are best for a warm climate.  

Are you leaving the balmy regions and moving to a snowy village in the Himalayas? That sounds fantastic! You’re gonna need more preheat there, though.

Time to check out a 6/12K BOSS spray foam machine!

6/12K BOSS Proportioners

We’ve heard you are on a mission to spray your way to the top of Mt. Everest.  

Dude - sounds epic! You do you! (But maybe leave the spray foam machine at the base of the mountain, eh?)

Okay - maybe you’re just spraying in the hills of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

(Still awesome.)

Whatever your cold-climate location, our BOSS 6/12K machine can keep up with your spray foam contracting needs.

You can spray foam insulation.

You can spray bed liners.

You can spray roof coatings.

You can even jack that concrete up to the moon! (Impressive…)

Our 6” air-powered spray foam machines can spray anything - and our 12,000 kW preheaters will keep your foam or poly materials warm, even when the temperatures drop below zero!  

Make sure to bring a coat to that job, though - our preheaters (probably) can’t keep YOU warm.

The Point: 6/12K BOSS Proportioners have got your back in any situation. So get to spraying!

Is your business growing? Do you need an even bigger machine than our 6/12K BOSS Proportioner? Alright!

Check out our BOSS Hydraulic Proportioners!

BOSS Hydraulic Proportioners

Time to upgrade your spray foam contracting business? Are you ready to expand, spray higher volumes, and make a bigger splash in the spray foam industry? 

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has STILL got your back!

Our BOSS Hydraulic Proportioners are our biggest, baddest, and awesomest spray foam machines EVER!

With nearly double the volume capabilities of our air-powered machines (which already rock) and preheaters that could turn a pool into a hot tub (probably…but definitely superheat your foam and poly!), our hydraulic machines are capable of anything.

Do you need the most rugged, most powerful, and highest-volume machine Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has to offer? 

The BOSS Hydraulic Proportioner is perfect for your spray foam contracting business - even if you need a double-hose machine!

Reach out to us for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is committed to delivering you the most reliable equipment on the market with the least amount of fuss!

Take our helpful quiz to determine which BOSS spray foam machine is best for your spray foam contracting business today!

We believe in your capabilities as a spray foam contractor, and we are here to help you succeed.

Reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to talking with you!

Until next time - SPRAY ON!

- The Team and BOSS

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