BOSS Preheaters are Essential to Winter Application of Spray Foam Insulation & Polyurea

BOSS Preheaters are Essential to Winter Application of Spray Foam Insulation & Polyurea

Need to spray foam in the cold?

Having trouble with your foam sticking to the substrate?

Winter’s cold weather conditions present significant challenges for spray foam contractors.

But don’t panic!

Here at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, we offer several types of foam machines. 

Each type of machine has its own specifications and was designed with a particular application in mind.

But all foam machines need a preheater!

Every foam machine we make has an expertly-designed preheating unit that rivals any competitor’s.

In fact, we put so much thought into our preheaters that we designed our machines around them.

Because we understand.

We understand the problems that arise while spraying in winter conditions.

We understand the importance of saving time, money, and foam through effective and efficient preheating.

And because we understand, we designed our preheaters to be the very best!

Our preheating units are so efficient that any of our machines can be used in any environment - as long as strict heat management is observed.

Part of returning the power to you - our customer, a highly competent contractor - is allowing you to make your own purchase decisions!

Our BOSS machines will perform well for you with the proper maintenance, no matter what conditions you work in.

With that being said, we want you to succeed as effortlessly as possible!

Our BOSS machines come with different preheating capabilities, and we tailor our recommendations to your specific needs.

We want to make sure that you understand our equipment so you can make the best selections for you and your spray foam business.

If, for any reason, you need help with your purchase, feel free to reach out to our trained technicians.

We are here for you.

We are with you.

And we know our products.

They were designed to put the power back in your hands and to serve you for years to come.

Let’s examine how our preheaters help you!

What Sets our Preheaters Apart?

Heat management in cold weather is a delicate balance.

The ambient, substrate, and spray foam material temperatures all play significant roles in spraying the best product possible.

Heating is available - and often necessary - for every step of the spraying process.

Barrel heaters warm the A and B sides of your spraying material before it ever leaves the barrel.

Building heaters or space heaters help warm the area and substrate you spray.  

Our BOSS spray foam hoses are always heated so that your material stays warm through the length of the hose, all the way to the mixing chamber in the spray gun.

Line insulators offer extra protection against the cold and help maintain material heat along your lines.

And don’t forget coats, gloves, and even hand warmers to keep YOU warm. 

(Because, let’s face it - if you’re cold, the spray foam job is going to be miserable.)

One of the key ingredients, though, for the best spray foam and poly coverage is the heat provided by the preheater on your spray foam machine.

Preheat is vital to optimal material performance. 

All of the heat management pieces are important - but without effective preheating, you’ll never get the results you want when spraying in cold weather!

Our preheaters sport the longest heating rods and largest heating chambers of any preheater on the market.

Because our preheaters are bigger and badder, the foam or poly you spray with a BOSS machine spends more time preheating than it would in any other foam machine found on the market.

More time spent in the preheater means warmer materials down the line.

Warmer materials mean easier mixing, more efficient spraying, and better adhesion to the substrate!

And that means you save time, material, AND money when you spray with a BOSS machine.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has got you covered.

We sell every heat management tool you can think of. 

If you need it - we have it.

But with effective preheat, like our machines deliver, you can spray better foam with less equipment and less hassle.

Because our preheaters are the best on the market.

Hands down.

BOSS preheaters are carefully designed to deliver the most heat possible to your material before it ever enters the spray foam pump - and to take the stress out of your heat management.

What’s the best part? 

Like every other product here at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, our preheaters are built to last.

You are a rugged, hard-working individual, and you need equipment that works as hard as you do - AND stands the test of time. 

You need equipment that helps you work efficiently

Equipment that makes your hard work go farther and last longer.

Equipment that works with you - not against you!

We’ve designed our preheaters to work harder and longer and better than the competitors’. 

And they do just that.

Our preheaters allow you to find the preheat needed for your particular material quickly. 

And our expertly-designed hoses carry that heat down the line and deliver warm material to the substrate.

Warm foam or polyurea sprayed onto a warm substrate allows optimal product performance and saves you time and money.

As always - you are in control.

At the touch of a finger, you can adjust the preheat temperature.

Separate controls for the A and B sides allow for a customized heat transfer to your materials.  

Need more heat on the B side than on the A-side?

Our 12KW machines have got you covered! You can easily heat the B side to a higher temperature than the A-side.

Need to maintain that preheat for 300 feet of hose? No problem! Set your hose heat to your desired temperature, and watch the foam form.

You set the preheat and the hose heat temperatures, and the BOSS machine takes care of the rest.

It’s that easy!

BOSS machines are simply the best foam machines that money can buy!

And they all begin with the best preheating system on the market.

Let’s talk about the preheating options our BOSS machines can provide for YOUR business.

6,000 Watt Preheater

Our 6KW machines are outfitted with a single, 6,000-watt workhorse of a preheating unit.

In this type of machine, the A and B sides of the material you spray are heated within the same preheating block.

Since the 6,000 watts of preheat are shared between the two sides of the spray material, each side will receive up to 3,000 watts of preheat.

This preheating setup is very effective and allows for efficient transfer of heat to the material.

Because our preheaters are so effective, you can spray foam in cold weather using our 6KW machines - but you will need to pay close attention to your heat management.

With the right attention, any of our BOSS machines are capable of spraying foam in any condition.

And the best preheater on the market makes even our low-pressure and single-preheat machines a cut above the competition.

We are not here to tell you what to do.

We strive to put the power back in the contractor’s capable hands!

And we can help you spray foam - no matter what.

However, while 6KW BOSS machines can be used in cold climates with strict heat management, they are best suited for indoor and mild outdoor environments where freezing temperatures are rare.

If you aren’t often spraying in cold conditions, our 6KW machines could be the perfect fit for you and your business.

If you plan to spray foam or poly in wintery or cold weather conditions often, we recommend you use one of our 12KW machines.

You know your business best - and we are always here to support you!

Let’s take a look at how our 12KW BOSS machines can help your business succeed.

12,000 Watt Preheat

Our 12KW BOSS machines are built to SPRAY ON, despite winter weather conditions!

Each 12KW machine is equipped with two of our powerful 6,000-watt preheaters.

The same 6,000-watt preheaters used on our 6KW machines - but one for each side of material.

That’s right!

The A-side of your foam or poly will heat through an entire 6,000-watt preheater on its own before ever entering the foam machine pump.

And the B-side will have its own 6,000-watt preheat, too!

That’s a total of 12,000 watts of effective, efficient preheat.

Each side of material spends double the time in the preheater and receives twice the preheating amount compared to our 6KW machines. 

Instead of 3KW of heat each, the A and B sides of your foam or poly will receive up to 6,000 Watts of heat!

And, as always, that preheat will be maintained by our revolutionary heated hose so that your foam will be warm when it enters the mixing chamber of the spray foam gun.

And the mixed material will be warm when it hits the substrate.

That warm foam will adhere well to the substrate, react quickly, and start to insulate immediately.

Our preheaters will save you time, money, and material.

Even in the coldest winter weather.

Which machine is right for you?

Finding the right machine for your needs can be tricky - but it doesn’t need to be!

We have a nifty selection tool to help you with your spray foam machine choice.  

With just a few clicks, you can find the BOSS machine that best fits your needs.

Try the BOSS machine selection tool here!

If you need more help deciding which machine is right for you and your business, feel free to contact our trained technicians.

We are here to support you.

And we are always happy to help!


Our BOSS spray foam machines are designed around the most effective and efficient preheaters on the market.

All of our machines are robust and capable, and with the proper attention, they can spray foam and poly beautifully in any weather condition.

BOSS 12KW machines are specifically designed with winter weather conditions in mind and make preheating much less complicated.

Stop worrying about your preheat.

Start saving time, money, and material!

Get your BOSS machine today.

And spray on!

- The Team at BOSS

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