Get to Know Your New BOSS Spray Foam Rig with a 360° Rig Tour

Get to Know Your New BOSS Spray Foam Rig with a 360° Rig Tour

Why Buy a BOSS Spray Foam Rig?

Whether you are new to foaming or just want to purchase everything you need in one fell swoop, our spray foam rigs are the easiest and most comprehensive way to get spraying!

Need help getting started with your spray foam business? We’ve got you covered!

Sick of browsing the web? Just want to buy a pre-made rig and get back to spraying? We have your perfect upgrade, too! 

Ready-made and fully customizable.

All of our rigs are outfitted with the most reliable and long-lasting equipment available - and we deliver!

Right to your door!

So you can focus on your business.

But wait, there’s more!

Our spray foam rigs come with a full day of training with one of our elite professionals!

What else comes in our rig packages?

Take a look!

What Comes With a BOSS Spray Foam Rig?

Every BOSS spray foam rig comes with ALL of the quality equipment you need to succeed in the spray foam insulation industry.

And it’s all housed in a nice, sleek, ready-to-use, dual-axle enclosed trailer.

Just add foam!

What qualifies as “needed equipment?” 

Well, you definitely need a BOSS spray foam machine…check!  Did you think we’d forget that?

You need a spray hose…check! Every rig we make comes with 150’ of our heated hose - and a heavy-duty hose rack to keep your trailer organized.

You need a spray gun. And you got it! Every BOSS foam rig comes with our BOSS AP2 spray foam gun kit.

Also included is the spray foam gun spare parts kit, which will keep your spray foam gun in peak condition!

What about a way to run that machine?

Got it covered - every BOSS rig package comes with an air compressor and generator.

Pre-installed and out of the way, we include all of the fluid supply lines, recirculating lines, and electrical components you will need to keep your business up and running.

On top of all of that, we have included a first aid kit and an eyewash station - because your safety is important to us!

It’s so important that we even include the spray foam contractor’s “uniform!”

That’s right - from face respirator to spray foam gloves to spray suits, we have your personal protective equipment (PPE) ready and waiting for you on your new BOSS rig!  

Just add the spray foam contractor!

And don’t worry - we have left plenty of room in the trailer for you to carry your sets of foam.

We wouldn’t forget such an essential part of your foam business!

You know us – we are in this thing together.

We know what you need, and we’ve got you covered with our BOSS spray foam rig packages.

Want more details? You got it!

Let’s look at the four different spray foam rig packages we offer.

Starter Foam/Slab Jacking 5/6K Trailer Rig Package

Our starter package comes with our Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing 5/6K BOSS Proportioner. 

This machine is perfect for spraying foam insulation or slab jacking indoors or in a mild climate.  

Our BOSS spray foam machines are all rated to spray outputs of 32 lb/min - even our 2000 lb machines like the 5/6K!

We sell only the best to our customers - so we designed every machine to be efficient and long-lasting!

Our starter trailer rig comes with everything you will need to get started spraying foam!

Each 5/6K trailer rig package comes in a 16’ enclosed trailer with dual axles and plenty of space for maneuvering.

The air compressor and generator that come in this rig are gasoline-powered - perfect for what the 5/6K machine requires and for getting your spray foam business off the ground.

Want to take a look at this rig?  

We have a 360° Rig Tour for the 5/6K Starter Rig here!

Ready to get out there and spray foam, and know this is the rig for you?  

We get it!

When you know, you know. You know?

Here’s our shop listing for our 5/6K Starter Rig Package.

Need to spray foam insulation in a cold climate, but don’t see yourself spraying polyurea?

Check out our Contractor 5/12K Trailer Rig Package!

Contractor 5/12K Trailer Rig Package

Not all climates are mild.  

In some locations, cold winter weather occurs for several months of the year.

And for that, you need a machine that is as rugged as you are!

If you intend to spray foam insulation in the cold, you need a BOSS 12K machine.

Our 12K machines are equipped with fantastic preheating capabilities that make your spray foam job a heck of a lot more pleasant.

Want to read more about our BOSS preheating units? Check out this preheating blog post!

Our Contractor 5/12K Trailer Rig Package comes with our Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing 5/12K BOSS Proportioner!

Like the Starter 5/6K rig, the 5/12K rig is enclosed in a 16’ dual axle trailer and comes with a gasoline-powered air compressor and generator.

The PPE you will need to keep yourself safe while spraying foam also comes with the 5/12K rig, along with everything necessary to get your foam from drum to substrate!

If you know you will be spraying through cold conditions, and you won’t be spraying polyurea liners or roof material, the Contractor 5/12K Trailer Rig Package could be the perfect fit for your business!

Have some questions? No problem! Reach out to our trained staff, and we will get those questions answered.

Want your rig in a 20’ trailer instead of a 16’? We can do that for you!  

If you want to make any other upgrades to your rig, we will gladly put those in place, too! Let us know, and we will provide you with a customized quote for your order.

We know you want to see this beauty of a rig!

Find the 360° Rig Tour for our Contractor 5/12K Trailer Rig Package here.

Yes - we love it, too!

And we want your purchase to be perfect for you and your business.

Is this the right rig for you? You can purchase it here!

Do you know you will be spraying polyurea liners or roofing material and need to have a higher pressure machine?

You’re in luck!

We have a High Pressure Contractor Rig that might be perfect for your business.

Take a look!

High Pressure Contractor 6/12K Trailer Rig Package 

Our High Pressure Contractor rigs include a 6/12K BOSS Proportioner.

Our 6/12K spray foam machines are perfect for spraying both foam insulation and polyurea liners.

And they are designed to spray in cold weather!

Know you need to spray in the cold, and you want to be able to spray poly? The 6/12K machine is made just for you!

Our High Pressure Contractor rigs are run by gasoline-powered air compressors and generators, and like their 2000 psi counterparts, our 6/12K machines are neatly nestled in a 16’ enclosed, dual axle trailer.

Everything has its place in our spray foam rigs.  

All of our rigs come with a heavy-duty spray foam hose rack, so you will never trip over your hose! All other lines are secured to the trailer wall, so they take up as little space as possible.

Want to see how this setup looks?

Check out the 360° Rig Tour for our High Pressure Contractor 6/12K Trailer Rig here!

Time to learn more about purchasing the High Pressure Contractor rig? Find our shop listing here!

Have more questions than we have answered?

Please - reach out to our qualified staff to help you with your purchase! We are always here to help!

Already have a few spray foam machines, and want to take your business to the next level?

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here for you no matter how experienced you are!

If you want to upgrade your business with a commercial BOSS rig, take a look at our Commercial Roofing Hydraulic Trailer Rig Package!

Commercial Roofing Hydraulic Trailer Rig Package


Yes! Hydraulic!

You need something that RUNS!

You need something that SPRAYS!

If you want the biggest, strongest, “work-horsiest,” commercial-level rig we offer, you need our BOSS Hydraulic Machine Rig Package!

With output capabilities of up to 64 lb/min (yes, really!), BOSS Hydraulic Machines truly are BOSS!

These machines are so revolutionary that you can spray with two hoses at once - so your work will be done in half the time.

Spraying polyurea? No problem. BOSS Hydraulic Machine has got your back.

Need to spray in the cold? Pshhh! BOSS Hydraulic Machines make their own heat, man!

Each hydraulic machine is outfitted with massive, 16KW preheating units!

Sometimes, bigger is better!

This machine is so big that it comes housed in a 20’ long, dual-axle trailer. 

Sporting a vertical, 80-gallon, electric air compressor and a diesel generator with a 50-gallon diesel tank, our Commercial Roofing Hydraulic Trailer Rig Package has everything you need to grow your roofing business!  

From spray foam gun to foam stirring tool to PPE, we make upgrading your equipment & business a breeze!

Want to see this powerhouse in its natural habitat?

Here it is! The 360° Rig Tour for our Commercial Roofing Hydraulic Trailer Rig Package!

She’s a beauty.

It’s okay if you tear up - we did, too!

Hard to look away, isn't it?

Take your time.

We’ve got all day.

But that foam won’t spray itself!

Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can get this show on the road!

Oh, and here’s the shop listing for the BOSS Hydraulic rig

Get on our schedule today!

We can’t wait to help you grow your business.

Delivery and Training

Every rig package we offer comes with delivery and a full day of expert training!

If you live within 900 miles of our shop, your delivery and training are already included in the price of the rig.

If you live farther than 900 miles from us, let us know, and we will customize your quote.

Trust us - you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for a full training day with our experts.

They are awesome!

And full of tips and tricks for you, no matter how experienced you are in this industry.

We have got you covered - and we are excited to meet you!

Call us today!


We know how important it is to have quality equipment no matter what your experience level.

You deserve the best, regardless of the size of your business.

You are important to us! And your business is, too.

We want to give you as many options as possible while also making this industry approachable.

That’s why we make rigs for you!

The power is in your hands.

We make our rigs to order - and upgrades are always available.

We are just a phone call or email away. Let us know what you need!

Still have questions?

Reach out!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome aboard, partner!

Spray on!

- The Team at BOSS

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