Keep It Simple with a BOSS Spray Foam Machine

Keep It Simple with a BOSS Spray Foam Machine

Some things in life are hard.

Like working that 9-5 office job you hated, for instance. (Not anymore!)

Or dealing with life’s many changes.

Going against the flow is always a challenge.

And sometimes, “the flow” is more like a tidal wave - especially for a spray foam contractor.

But working for yourself definitely has its perks.

You make your own schedule, and there’s no one constantly telling you what to do. 

And that’s good news for you, right?

You WANT to be your own boss!

But is it easy? Is running your own business a breeze? 

Absolutely not.

Does leaving that hated office job mean the end of working overtime?

Probably not. 

Being a spray foam contractor is not all sunshine and daisies.

This is spray foam we’re talking about here. 

Spray foam insulation is incredible - it’s a great source of income for you, and it saves your customers money. 

It might even save lives with its stellar temperature regulation!

But let’s be honest. 

Spray foam is messy. And it doesn’t always perform how you would like it to when you’re on the job.

No, you’re right.

Being a spray foam contractor IS amazing - and can be TOTALLY worth the time and effort - but it is NOT easy.

You’ll still work long hours.

You’ll still need to cope with all sorts of stress.

There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes - there are a lot of plates to keep spinning in this job.

We’ll admit it. 

Being a spray foam contractor is hard.

You know what, though?  

Pretty much everything worth doing in life is difficult.

Something brought you into this business. 

Hold onto that reason! It will keep you going when times get tough.

Life can be complicated, as you know. Being a spray foam contractor can also be complicated.

Do you know what doesn’t need to be complicated?

Your spray foam machine.

Your spray foam machine is the backbone of your business.

Without it, you can’t get your work done.

And if it’s that important, who the heck wants an expensive, convoluted machine that can’t stand up to the rough conditions of a spray foam job?

NO ONE. That’s who.

Especially not you!  

You need to spend your time spraying foam, not fighting with your machine.

You’ve got a business to run!

We get it.

And Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has got your back!

We know what working long hours is like.

We also know what it is like to fight with complicated, easily broken equipment that you can’t fix on the job.

That gets really old, really fast.

So we made better equipment!

Our BOSS spray foam machines are simple, sturdy, and easy to fix.

Because THAT’S what you need to make your life easier. Spraying foam is hard enough as it is!


Are you sick of getting stuck in the field with a complicated, constantly malfunctioning machine?

Man, have we got the answer for you!

And it all starts with simple mechanics. Enough with the computer motherboards, already!

Don’t get us wrong - computers are amazing.

They have made some significant technological advancements possible in our society.

We are more connected than ever before, and that makes online marketing possible! (Don’t miss our online marketing how-to post!)

We can connect with our loved ones across long distances.

We can watch the TV shows we want to watch whenever we want to watch them.

(We know, we know, you don’t have a lot of time for TV these days, you spray foam contractor, you!)

Computers help our health care workers save lives every single day.

In many ways, technology significantly improves our lives.

But your spray foam machine does not need an intricate computer system to run well.

The success of your spray foam insulation lies primarily with chemistry, not computers.

So why would you put an expensive, highly advanced computer system in a harsh spray foam environment?

You can’t easily fix a malfunctioning computer while on a spray foam job.

Sometimes, you can’t fix a computer problem at all.

You need a more straightforward system - a system that works more reliably.

And if something goes wrong?

You need to be able to fix that problem quickly and easily, with affordable and easily located replacement parts, so you can finish your spray foam job and get PAID!

Our BOSS spray foam machines are designed with you - and the harsh environment of a spray foam job - in mind.

Because we get it.

We’ve needed to fix our machines on the fly, too.

So we designed our BOSS machines to be simple and easy to work on, using only the necessary parts.

Because we know that you’re smart.

You know your foam machine. 

You know what it should sound like, how it should perform, and if something is amiss.

And we know you can fix it, too - with standard parts you can find easily and replace quickly.

But you shouldn’t need to fix much on a BOSS spray foam machine.

We designed it to work through the toughest of conditions without ever breaking down.

We make our machines to work. 

And we make them to LAST.

That’s right.

Our BOSS spray foam machines are rugged - just like you.


You deserve sturdy, reliable equipment.

None of that delicate, motherboard-driven nonsense.

You need a rugged machine that can take a beating.

You’ll be dragging it down gravel roads and unpaved side streets, after all.

Yes, you will try to avoid those potholes - dang it, erosion! - but let’s face it.

Potholes, like sirens, will inevitably lure your spray foam trailer into their depths.

There’s just no avoiding all of them.

And what’s housed in that trailer you’re pulling behind your truck?

Oh, right. 

Your link to your livelihood.

Your spray foam machine.

But don’t worry. There’s no need.

Taking the road less traveled - bumps and all - is why you chose a BOSS machine!

We designed that machine to support you.

We designed it to spray through ANYTHING!

We designed that machine to bounce along in your trailer and take those rough roads and potholes in stride!

No sweat!

We make our BOSS spray foam machines to withstand what you throw at them - and still perform like they did when they just left our shop.

But sometimes? Sometimes life throws a wrench in our plans.

Sometimes, that wrench is an actual wrench that you forgot to put away when you left your last spray foam job…and now it has knocked something loose in your machine.

(You can only take so many knocks, ya know?)

But again - no worries.

You’ve come prepared.

You have a spare parts kit - and you can work on this machine, remember?

So go ahead and park your spray foam rig, and let’s get to fixin’!


There are certain spare parts for your spray foam machine that you might want to carry around with you on the job, just in case.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled them in an easy-to-follow collection on our website.

But you want to know what parts you might need to carry in your spare parts kit from reading this post, don’t you?

We knew it! So we’ll list them here, too.

If you use a hydraulic machine, we have compiled a different spare parts list for you here. The list below outlines what you should add to your spare parts kit if you use one of our air-driven BOSS proportioners.

Air-Driven BOSS Proportioner Spare Parts List


Now you’re set up to keep it simple with a BOSS spray foam machine, and you’ve got all your spare parts - just in case.

You’ve made a good choice, ya know.

With our simple, rugged, and reliable equipment, you can work hard and rest easy.

Your BOSS machine, like Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, has got you covered.

It will go through all of those ups and downs in the road - and in your business life - with you.

It will spray through your most challenging days and be there for you on the other side.

Your BOSS spray foam machine will work for you, and when it needs some maintenance, you can quickly fix what needs fixing and get back out there!

Because there’s no time to waste, right? Right!

As always, let us know if we can help you in any way.

We would love to hear from you.

And until next time - SPRAY ON!

- The Team at BOSS



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