Stand Alone Hose Heat - Breath New Life into Old Machines

Stand Alone Hose Heat - Breath New Life into Old Machines

Product Spotlight: Stand Alone Hose Heat

Back in 2005 when several large equipment companies were bought out a large portion of the parts that those companies made were abandoned which left a lot of long time foamers without a way to service their machines. One particular issue that needed to be addressed was hose heat. I knew that there was a huge need for all these old foam rigs that were getting much longer hoses added onto their machines - the old standard of 50’ hose came because that’s just how long the building was where the hose was being made. So I made a stand alone hose heat that could be used in tandem with the old proportioners, or any proportioner.


You can actually see the old youtube video I made of an early version of the hose heater here -> 


These days you see hose lengths average around 200ft and we even offer continuous hose up to 400ft. These longer hoses require more power to heat correctly and often times smaller or older machines just weren’t up to the task but the pumps worked great, so we again bucked the industry standard and built something no one else would. Now of course we would love to sell you a brand new proportioner anytime your old machine had a hose heat issue (and that what other companies do) but we decided that we would build the product you actually need to save you thousands on buying a new machine.

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This stand alone hose heater allowed old machines that would otherwise have to be abandoned to continue to be able to pump product. It’s just another way that we strive to put control back in the hands of the contractor.

We love hearing from you so if you have purchased one of these we would love to hear what you paired it up with to keep older machines going strong. Comment below, give us a call or send us an email! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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