Your Success is Our Success

Your Success is Our Success

Something I would challenge anyone to do before making a significant investment into new equipment is to ask a question to the manufacturer before you buy: How do you plan to support me as a contractor?

Go ahead and look at all the equipment contractors out there and see how many of them are willing to actually make a commitment to you. You might be surprised to learn (or not surprised) that no one else is going to commit to anything except hassling you to make your payments. They are not interested in making sure you are successful as a company, in their mind its the job of the chemical manufacturer to keep you in business after all you will really only make one significant investment with the manufacturer unless you achieve a much more difficult level of success that allows you to reinvest in multiple rigs, which to be frank is just not a risk that the average manufacturer wants to take on.

However, we think a little differently at BOSS. For starters, our company motto is "Putting control back in the contractor's hands." Secondly, we play a longer game because we are committed to this industry, unlike some other companies that are multinational well-diversified conglomerates that could pack up shop tomorrow and barely notice the hit to their bottom line, we live and breathe the plural component industry. This means that when we sell you a machine we don't just hope the best for you. We are putting a decades long investment into your success and we hope to see the return on our investment by you being a loyal BOSS customer so that when you are ready for your third and fourth rig you wouldn't even think of considering anything other than a BOSS.

We pursue this goal of excellence through simple reliable machines that just work, full service delivery, unbeatable prices (seriously, have you seen our prices?), and thorough training on your job site that doesn't end till you are sure you have it all down. The hurdles for the starting contractor are tall enough as is and we just don't believe that taking advantage of your excitement to achieve your dreams by gouging you on the price is a good move. So we make our equipment as affordable as possible, by controlling as much of the manufacturing and supply chain as possible. Nearly every part on our machine is lathed or milled using CNCs right in our Louisiana shop, this allows us to control the quality and price of our parts. Speaking of quality, you won't find another machine that is designed to work as hard or last as long as ours. It might sound counterintuitive but we actually don't want you to have to buy a bunch of parts or replace your machine every 2 years. Because it all goes back to the idea that we are investing into every contractor that invests in our equipment, when your costs stay low you are able to focus on growing the business making you more successful. The same goes for having reliable equipment, the longer you can focus on pulling the trigger and not reaching for a wrench the more efficient you can be with your time. Unfortunately we live in an imperfect world and sometimes things still break, so we designed everything with solid state electronics to keep it simple and robust mechanics to keep it reliable. This means that everything on your machine can be tested and fixed with standard tools and basic mechanical knowledge to get you up and running as fast as possible. Minimal downtime and short, easy repairs will keep your profits higher allowing you to focus on being successful. And when you are successful, we are successful.


It really is that simple. We want you to succeed and we will go beyond what is expected of a manufacturer to make you successful. But don't just take my word for it here... Give us a call! Don't feel like talking? Send us an email. We want to show you that we are serious when we say "Your Success is Our Success."

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