You Can't Beat the Heart

You Can't Beat the Heart

by Eric Bentson

A lot of people care. Really. More people than you would think care about other people. It’s not the heartless world we think it is, but they are also afraid. People are afraid of what others might think of them. How much of what we see on facebook is real? How much of that beautiful picture in your timeline is representative of reality? Fear drives us, drives us to care more about what others might think of us then what we think of ourselves. In our industry, I strive to give those people silenced by fear a voice. Social pressure dictates that we conform to those around us, but a majority of social pressure is manufactured by those with the largest marketing budget. Budgets that allow these companies to convince us that they are the only option, that convince us to turn deaf ears to the voices shouting there is another way, and that convince us that you can only be taken seriously if you conform to their status quo. But innovation does not come from maintaining the status quo. Leaps forward in an industry come from approaching problems in a totally new way, by rejecting conformity to an outdated model, and championing new and fresh perspectives. So what does that mean for SFE&M; for me? It means that I want to give all those that really care a voice and a platform to rise up on! To challenge the old ways of thinking that say there is only one way to do something.

"A majority of social pressure is manufactured by those with the largest marketing budget."

I design and develop for applications that don’t have a large enough market share to capture the attention of the biggest companies. I don’t try to shoehorn every customer into my 4 premade boxes. I work to insure that when I build something that it will last for 10+ years in a daily use environment. There is no planned obsolescence in my design process. I will always try to build the biggest, baddest mouse trap out there. And it is those things that really allow our customers, our contractors to have real control of their business. Our products are investments in assets to your business not liabilities. Unlike others we don’t sit around thinking of ways to make a part fail just often enough that you will keep coming back to us to buy a replacement. We spend our time figuring out ways to make sure parts can stand up to the abuse demanded by our industry. We strive to make all of our parts simple and easy for the end-user to install, while at the same time offering customer-satisfaction driven service. Whether it is phone support or you drop your rig off at our service center no other manufacturer will go as far for you as we will. I know that this isn’t always the most profitable strategy but it is a strategy of someone who cares. And we do really care. And that is something worth fighting for. 

I know there are lots of you that are passionate about what you do. And we want to be the ones that help you keep doing it! To be the tool that gets out of your way and performs so that you can focus on that passion and chasing that dream. Don’t be afraid to forge your own path and know that BOSS equipment will be right there with you every step of the way. We love hearing from you and seeing how you use BOSS equipment to build your business, so feel free to email us, tag us, call us, or comment here on this blog. We are here and ready.

Spray On!

Eric Bentson

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