How Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

How Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

Here at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, we understand.

We are here for you like no one else.

Because we have BEEN where you are!

We have sprayed foam in hot attics, covered in sweat.

We have sprayed in sub-zero temperatures, trying to keep our fingers warm enough to pull the spray foam gun trigger.

We have sprayed underneath houses, struggling to maneuver in crawl spaces.

We have sprayed in lofts and between rafters, climbing to dizzying heights.

We have sprayed in cavernous chicken barns.

We have sprayed in the fish holds of boats.

We have sprayed polyurea on rooftops in the blazing sun.

We’ve sprayed everywhere, man!

And we have had all sorts of issues with foam machines that are too fragile and complicated to stand the test of time.

We have spent hours trying to unclog defective spray foam guns.

Or trying to find the plug in the lines.

Or trying to repair machines with parts so specific that they are virtually impossible to find, let alone fix on the job.

No one has that kind of time.

As a spray foam contractor, you want to get the job finished so you can move on to the next one.

Or go home to dinner with your kids.

We get it.

We have been in your shoes.

We have fought our way through countless equipment issues.

You name it. We’ve had that problem.

And (with incredible frustration) we’ve fought through it.

So you won’t have to.

Why won’t you have to struggle through those issues?

Because you’ll be spraying with BOSS equipment!

And we designed our equipment to be superior.

Our equipment is simple, strong, and affordable.

We designed our equipment to be repairable from anywhere.

So you can fix anything that might go wrong right there on the job.

No error messages.

No complicated, crazy circuit boards or computer panels.

No problem. 

Just simple, easily replaceable parts.

(If you ever run into issues, to begin with!)

We don’t just make our equipment easily repairable.

Oh, no.

We’ll do you one better!

We design parts that don’t break.

You can rely on BOSS equipment.

Our spray foam machines, spray hoses, and spray foam guns are created to stand up to the rigorous conditions of a spray foam job.

Because a spray foam job is not your Aunt Gertrude’s parlor.

We’ve been out there.

We know. 

So BOSS equipment was designed to spray on!

For anyone.

At the fairest prices on the market.

And our prices are the same no matter how big your business is!

We are here to HELP you, NOT empty your bank account.

You’ve got a business to run, and we want to help you succeed. 

We want to save you time and money.

So you can get the job done and move on!

How do we do it?

We keep our prices low. 

We make sure our designs are simple and easy to fix.

And we build our equipment to LAST. 

Take a look!

We Keep Our Prices Down

We are serious about saving you money.

We only offer low-cost, high-quality equipment!

And we make it easy for you to get what you need from our shop website.

No muss, no fuss - and anything you need ships straight from us.

Because we make it!

We are the manufacturer.  

And you get all of your equipment factory-direct.

If you need help, you talk directly to us!

No middle-men.

No distributors giving you the run-around. 

Just our highly-trained and capable technicians, here to help in any way you need.

No joke.

We make our own everything.

Spray foam machines, spray hoses, spray foam guns, spare parts - all of it! 

We make everything in-house to save you money.

We save you so much money that in 12 years of business, we have saved the spray foam industry more than $70 million. 

Read that again.

We have saved capable and hard-working contractors like you over 70 MILLION DOLLARS!!

And we are not finished!

We keep pushing the boundaries of spray foam equipment design.

We keep solving problems for you!

Because we care.

Anything we produce is designed to be repairable and straightforward.

So the power over your business (and life!) remains in your hands.

We Keep Our Designs Simple

This is the age of error messages and expensive motherboards.

But you are a spray foam contractor, not a computer programmer or an office manager.

Insulation, by definition, is made to combat harsh conditions.

So, of COURSE, you spray foam in “less-than-ideal” environments!

You wouldn’t bring your shiny new laptop to a spray foam job.

Why would you take an expensive, fragile, computer-driven foam machine to such a harsh environment?


You shouldn’t need to rely on an expensive, state-of-the-art computer to spray foam for you in the heat of high summer or the cold of midwinter.

And you certainly shouldn’t need to treat your spray foam machine like a dainty, designer laptop!

What you need is solid equipment that is reliable and sturdy.

And if something goes wrong with that reliable equipment?

You need simple, easily-replaced parts that you can find in hardware stores and local electrical shops. 

Something you can fix yourself.

On the fly.

Right now! Daylight is a-burning! 

Seriously, you need that issue to be fixed, like, last Tuesday.

Not in 3 days, after you’ve scratched your head for the whole weekend, so you can finally ORDER a replacement part. 

Which won’t actually get to you for another week…


You need BOSS equipment.

You need switch-and-relay technology that will be there for you time and time again.

You need straightforward equipment that computes simply.

And you need easily replaceable sensors.

Like your Aunt Gertrude’s thermostat. (She never had problems with that thing!)

You don’t have time to deal with dainty computer board issues that are super expensive to replace.

That is a waste of your hard earned money.

We do NOT design our equipment to break down.

We build long-lasting, rugged, reliable, and simple equipment.

That’s right.

We kick it old-school.

We’re hard-working folks with integrity.

Just like you!

We Build Our Equipment to LAST

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here to keep you spraying foam and save you time and money!

Our designs are simple AND strong.

And they are easily repaired on the job.

We design our equipment so well and sell it at such low prices that EVERYONE who buys BOSS spray foam equipment pays the same price.

Fair prices for everyone!

(You get a fair price! And YOU get a fair price! And YOU get a fair price…)

Do you run a corporate business and want to buy ten rigs, not just one?

Our prices are the best around!

Only need one machine right now?

You’ll pay the same price as that corporate guy who bought ten.

Yes, really.

It’s the same price per machine no matter how many you purchase.

Our prices are low no matter what!

Because we believe in the little guy.

 Small business is an integral part of our economy.

And essential to our communities.

And to our families.

Small business is where business starts.

And you should pay the same price for your equipment, no matter how big your business is.

That’s just fair.

The price for BOSS equipment is the price for BOSS equipment - end of story.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Let us help you get started on the right foot.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here for you.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

We can’t wait to help your business flourish!


Here at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, we are fans of choice.

You have chosen to become a spray foam contractor.

That’s fantastic!

And your power of choice doesn’t stop there.

Not with us.

We work hard to keep the power in your hands.

You are a capable, adaptable, and resilient business owner.

You’ve got this.

How do we put the power back in your hands?

We keep our prices low by cutting out the middle man and making our own everything!

And we build our robust and simple equipment to last.

We make our machines easily repairable - so you can quickly fix any problems you face with your own two hands.

Because we’re old-school like that.

And we sincerely care about you and your business.

We aren’t here to drain your bank account - we want to HELP you!

So we designed awesome, simple spray foam machines, spray hoses, and spray foam guns to make your life easier.

If something does act up, our simple designs are easily repaired in the field.

No more waiting for Monday.

Fix it now!

We have been where you are - and we are here for you.

So, let’s talk.

Let us help you succeed!

Spray On!

 - The Team at BOSS

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