On the Horizon

On the Horizon

In industries like ours change comes fast. Sometimes it can be hard to stay at the bleeding edge of new technology and technique, especially when you are a large company that has shareholders to make happy and profit lines to keep. When I got started building equipment and putting together rigs I just wanted to solve problems that I was experiencing with my rig. Over a decade later and that still hasn’t changed.

Many of you have spent some quality time with me on the phone coming up with creative solutions to unique problems, and I love every minute of it. I get to experience the challenges of so many different types of scenarios that one single contractor could just never expect to see in their business and this has allowed me a different type of perspective on how to engineer our equipment. Imagine if you could know all the different ways you might run into traffic on your morning commute. Every car wreck, closed exit on the interstate, or busted traffic light would be as clear as day before you ever got there. You would be able to plan an efficient route before you even left and you would get to your destination in record time. These days there is an app for that, but there is no app for predicting every challenge you will run into on the job site. I am in the very fortunate position to get to synthesize the collective wisdom you guys share with me and use it to solve problems you haven’t even had yet. Sometimes it's a small thing that makes a huge difference like a different material in a particular o-ring. Sometimes it's a new product that could change the way that we think about our industry.

"There is no app for predicting every challenge you will run into on the job site."

Take for instance our new HAVOC™ hose. We have heard your complaints about the hoses available on the market and gone against the industry and built a hose that actually lasts longer. The hose is 33% lighter and half as thick as a traditional ⅜” spray hose making it safer and easier to move around while using the hose. The hose heat will no longer cause burnouts because of our new hose heat method meaning the hose can be heated on the hose rack without overheating. The hose uses a totally new material that has the best moisture blocking of any spray hose on the market meaning that the days of crystallized A-Side in your hose costing you thousands are over.

But that is just the beginning of where we are headed. We have so many cool things in our pipeline that are designed to streamline your business and your jobsite. Everything from a totally new proportioner design, new AP gun, even new tools to help you run the business side of things. Everything we do here is pointed to the heart of our mission: To put control back in the hands of the contractor. So make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on all the amazing things we have coming up. As always I can’t wait to hear more from you. We really do take everything we hear and learn from it, so reach out to us by phone, email, or drop a comment below this blog. We are ready.

Spray on,

Eric Bentson

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Miguel, Llámenos al +13186445140 y podemos ayudarlo.


Estoi buscando una máquina de estas


New hose, looking forward to that.

Zack Reutov

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