Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Pushes the Boundaries, Paving the Way for Spray Foam Contractors

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing Pushes the Boundaries, Paving the Way for Spray Foam Contractors

Opportunity comes to us when we least expect it.

It’s always right around the corner, just out of view.

Eventually, though, you round that corner in life’s journey - and there it is!

A new day.

Full of promise and possibility.

And it’s yours for the taking!

Opportunity asks you, “Are you ready?”

And then it waits for you to answer. But only for a little while.

So are you ready?

The newness of possibility can be scary.

Transition is always tricky - but we are constantly transitioning, anyway, right?

Change is always upon us.

We age. Every second.

One breath to the next - every moment is different.

Security is an illusion - but that becomes most apparent when we have walked through the night, navigating our way in the darkness, and the sun rises.

You can’t ignore the sun.

It’s kinda bright.

You can hide in a cave or your house - but if you’re outside? Even when it’s cloudy, the sun is pretty plainly there.  

So is opportunity.

When a new path opens for you, you can choose to ignore it, stick to the old ways (which is sometimes a good decision)…or…


You can lace up your boots.

Grab your backpack.

Throw in some necessary provisions for your journey, and…


Every choice is a new path in our lives.

And you?

You’ve chosen to become a spray foam contractor!

Welcome to the road less traveled, fellow journeyman.

You’ve set out on a path to make a better life for yourself.

And we congratulate you!

The path of the spray foam contractor is difficult, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

You’ve taken the opportunity of a lifetime.

And you’ve already overcome a significant hurdle.

You’ve embarked!

Time to show the world what you’re made of!


Every success story starts as an idea.

And like they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Our BOSS machines were born out of necessity.

Like you, Eric - the BOSS himself - was given an opportunity.

He had the opportunity to change the spray foam insulation world forever.

But not just because he wanted to.

Because he HAD to.

Eric was a spray foam contractor.

Things were going well…until one day, after using many of our competitor's machines, he wasn't allowed to purchase another machine.

He was down to his last few dollars, and he needed to feed his family.

He needed a new spray foam machine so he could continue his business.

But he couldn’t get one from any of his suppliers.

No one would sell him another machine!

So Eric needed to use what he had: an idea.

He knew how a foam machine worked.

He knew what it needed to do.

He had the basics of mechanics down.

And he knew foam.

He needed a new foam machine, and he couldn’t buy one - so he decided to build his own.

Tentatively, he began.

Then someone came along and saw his progress, and that someone - a customer - believed in his dream, and purchased a machine! 

The universe has a way of showing up when we most need it, eh?

That not-so-nameless traveler helped Eric bring his idea into reality.

The traveler prefers to remain anonymous…so go ahead. Picture him as a cloaked figure with a graying beard and a staff. Why not?

The point is, he believed in the American Dream and helped Eric on his way.

So Eric was able to build his new foam machine - and it worked! Brilliant!

That’s how the very first BOSS machine was born - we call her "Bessie!"

And we are building them to this day!

Because Eric answered when opportunity came knocking - just like you - his idea paved the way for countless spray foam contractors to follow their dreams.

He pushed the boundaries of spray foam machine design and created a simple, affordable, and highly functional machine that makes your life easier.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is a business made of and for trailblazers.

We operate for people who push the boundaries of conventional living, create opportunities for themselves, and follow their stars to the highest of heights and lowest of valleys.

Just to see what’s there.

Coming out on the other side, they have a story to tell.

A story that brings awe back into their daily lives.

And helps them to remember that being a human is amazing.


You have a dream.

You probably have many.

And we are here to tell you that they are possible!

You CAN make your ideas into reality.

We’ve done it.

And so can you.

Stand up - follow those dreams.

Live the life you came here to live!

You were born to be YOU - no one else.


We all stand on the shoulders of giants, as they say.

We build our understanding on what others have learned before us.

And that’s wonderful!

That pushes humanity forward - together!

We help each other to the next ledge of the mountain of knowledge.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has paved the way for you to build a successful spray foam insulation business and follow your dreams. 

So you can work how you want to work.

And live the way you want to live!

Life is too short to waste another day.


We build BOSS equipment to help guide you through the crazy world of spray foam.

You can work on our machines when you need to.

We made them simple and easy to fix.

You can take our machines wherever you need to take them, without fear of rough terrain damaging a dainty computer system. BOSS machines are rugged.

You can trust your BOSS spray foam machine.

And build from a firm foundation.

We paved the way.

So you can push the boundaries in your business, just like we have!

Pushing boundaries is how we grow in life.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone expands our horizons and creates a brand new comfort zone.  

So you can step out of that one, too!

Again and again.

Look back and see how far you’ve come.

Look what you’ve accomplished!

Don’t be so focused on the end goal that you forget to enjoy the present moment.

It’s all about the journey, man!


You’re in the big leagues, now.

It’s your rookie season.

But you’re not alone.

You stand with your giants - and we stand with you.


We don’t just push the boundaries of spray foam equipment design.

We also change the spray foam insulation business through our culture.

We care about you, the spray foam contractor, because that is our roots.  We ARE you!

Because you - the small business owner - are just as important as the big corporations!

When you purchase from Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing, you purchase factory direct, and get the very best pricing.

Fair is fair.

You will also have access to the same help.

We offer training for all of our customers. 

You aren’t on this journey alone, remember?

You’ll walk your path, and we will walk ours - but sharing the road for a while benefits us both.

We teach you how to understand your machine, your spray hose, your spray foam gun, and all of the other equipment you need. 

(We have spray foam products for you as well - just reach out to the office!)

We teach you how to spray foam one-on-one! (Our trainers are awesome!)

We teach you how to bid a spray foam job. (Stay tuned for our special zoom training!)

We teach you how to diagnose your hose heat issues. (See our hose heat diagnosis posts and hose heat troubleshooting video & flow chart for more info!)

We teach you the tips and tricks of the trade.

Because none of that is a secret.

Just like our favorite fishing holes. (Seriously. Not a secret. Just ask!)

Learning how to use a spray foam machine is right at your fingertips.

You can do it.

Think of all that you have accomplished in life.

All of those mountains you’ve climbed. (Figurative or literal!)

And think of all you will accomplish by learning how to be a spray foam contractor.

Yup - that’s right.

You can do great things!

You have, and you will again.

Because you’re fearlessly you.

So ask yourself the hard questions.

Figure out what you don’t know yet.

Fill in the gaps and move forward!

There’s no moving backward in spray foam contracting.

So turn your shoulders to that new opportunity dawning, and meet your future head-on!

It is glorious!

Time to follow your dream and make a way for yourself in this world.

Time to help your neighbors and make an impact on your community.

Time to be your own boss, write your own schedule, and make your own decisions.

You’re not getting off of the 9-5 office job wagon to sit around all day.

You’re moving forward!

With your shoulders back and your head held high!

You’re meeting your future with intention and respect.

Respect for yourself, the world you live in, and your community and family.

You’re jumping out of that 9-5 office job and onto the already galloping horse of spray foam contracting.

Good business never sits still.

It is a constantly moving beast.

Real change takes hard work and patience.

But you have to start somewhere.

And we are here to help make that leap easier!

We’ve pushed some doors down, so you don’t have to.

We’ve created equipment you can build upon and use to your advantage in this market.

Equipment that is easy to work on and reliable.

We've built solid foam supply relationships so you can get all of your foam material from us.

We have created a culture of caring that can help lift you up and show you the ropes.

Because we have been where you are.

And we started just like you did.

At the beginning.

We built a company that represents what we wish we’d had when we started!

Not just Eric, either.

Many of us at Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing have sprayed foam.

We have been right there with you, in the extreme temperatures of the attics and chicken houses.

Our company is built on hard work, trial and error, and grit.

You’ve got the determination you need to run your own business.

You’ve got the backbone necessary to stand your ground when you need to and move in the right direction when the time is right.

You have what it takes to succeed in the spray foam insulation business.

So get out there!

Stand up for your dream!

You’re a spray foam contractor.

You make your own rules!


Spray foam Equipment & Manufacturing has pushed the boundaries of spray foam equipment design and culture.

We have paved the way for your success and unearthed proven methods for winning bids and earning good money.

We have worked hard to bring you the best equipment on the market - and our products are BOSS, even if we do say so ourselves!

You can rely on us to help your transition into this business go more smoothly.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

We are here for you.

Let’s walk this road together!


- The Team at BOSS

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