Our new Shop Site -  Built with you in mind.

Our new Shop Site - Built with you in mind.

Hey Guys,

At Spray Foam Equipment & Mfg, home of the BOSS™ Machine, we have one goal and one goal only: to put control back in your hands. Our company vision statement is

“to put control back in the hands of the contractor,”


and every decision we make, every meeting we have, this vision is discussed. How can we give you the tools you need to be successful? It’s why we build our equipment NOT to break down. It’s why our business model is drastically different than others in the industry. And it’s why we revamped our website so you’re one click away from any replacement part or piece of equipment you need to keep you on the job and spraying foam. Welcome to our new website, designed with you, the contractor, in mind. I was once you, spraying foam in hot attics and trying to keep my family fed. It’s why you’re always on my mind in every decision I make. I’d love to hear how the new website and all our products are working for you. Give us a call, contact me on Facebook, or comment on this blog. Keep fighting the good fight.

                                Spray on,

                                    Eric Bentson

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I am interested in your 6/6K machine for a stationary factory application and would like additional information.

Is Eric Bentson a good contact for technical questions regarding our applications?

Thanks, Pete


I’m a contractor in Panama City, Florida. I’m looking in to getting a rig to do the spray foam in my client homes. Could you please contact me at 770-330-1813 Chris Lynch


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