7 Ways to Market Your Spray Foam Insulation Business and Expand Your Network in Your Community

7 Ways to Market Your Spray Foam Insulation Business and Expand Your Network in Your Community

7 Ways to Market Your Spray Foam Insulation Business and Expand Your Network in Your Community


Go ahead. Take a minute and pat yourself on the back.

You did it!

You made the leap, and now you’re a spray foam contractor!

Too many people wallow away working jobs they hate - but not you!

You’re your own boss now!

That’s right! You have your spray foam machine, your spray hose, and your spray gun.

You’ve got your face mask and your other personal protective equipment.

You even know where you’re getting your spray foam.

You are ready to SPRAY!

All you need now is to land a job. But how do you do that?  

How do you get your business name out there? How do you find the right jobs for your spray foam business?

Time for some marketing!

Don’t know how to network? Never fear! Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing is here!

There are many marketing techniques. Some are best performed in person, while others are designed for online networking.

Marketing within your community is important since many of your spray foam jobs will likely come from your surrounding area.

This post will dive deep into how you can market your spray foam insulation business in your community.

We focus on online marketing techniques in another post - you can check that one out here!

Now let’s get this show on the road so that you can get to sprayin’!

Here are seven ways to market your business in your community.

1. Contact Your Local Small Business Administration

If you haven’t already, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) website!

They offer countless resources to help you start and grow your business.

Prefer an in-person experience? No problem! There is likely an SBA district or regional office near you.

Your local SBA will offer courses, events, and reading materials to help your business thrive.

Attending SBA events is also a great way to meet other local business owners, which is always a great idea.

The more people you know, the better your chances of finding job opportunities.

Networking is essential to the success of any business - and it’s part of marketing!

Your local Small Business Administration can help get you started!

Go on - bring your smiling face and your business cards to the next SBA event.

You always remember your business cards, right?

2. Order Business Cards

Investing in quality business cards may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning!

Here it is - our great big shout-out to old-school, “put-‘em-in-your-wallet” business cards!

You want to be able to make - and keep - as many contacts as possible.

Some of those contacts will likely be face-to-face conversations that you will want to follow up with a business card.

People, believe it or not, still keep those. 

And by golly, they still make you look professional!

If printing and handing out 500 business cards generates you even ONE sale, isn’t that worth the investment?

Go ahead. Get yourself some business cards to carry around with you on your “lead-generating missions.”

Missions like heading over to the home show down the street, for instance!

Time to step into that dream you have for your life (and business), and start honest-to-goodness, in-real-life networking!

3. Attend Local Home Shows

Home shows connect contractors, retailers, and customers!

They are an excellent resource for marketing yourself and your business!

Whether you rent out a booth at the home show or attend to meet the people and companies that have, you can make some crucial contacts.

If you don’t have a booth rented, wear a shirt with your company name on it, so that people know what you do by what you wear!  “Ask me about spray foam” always gets a question from someone at a show.

Get a magnetic sign for your vehicle, too - and make sure it has a nice, big, easy-to-read phone number!

Who knows what could happen??

You could meet that consistent spray foam supplier you need to find - and receive a great deal on foam to boot.

You could meet someone who needs to upgrade to spray foam insulation in their house and offer them your services. 

You could obtain countless leads from your booth’s awesome spin-the-wheel promotion! Everyone loves a good freebie.

At home shows you can generate some leads for your business regardless of your role in the show.

Leads you generate at the home show might result in bids.

And if you can bid on a job, you can land work! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

But everything starts with great marketing - and that’s what home shows are for!

So grab your business cards, and get out there!

Not near a home show?

There are all sorts of in-person events that you can attend to build your network and generate leads for your business.

Check with your local chamber of commerce - it is part of their job to host networking events for their members!

If you come across a helpful event, becoming a chamber member might be right for your business.

4. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you have a mind for public policy or want to make connections with other local businesses, you should consider joining your chamber of commerce.

Chamber of commerce members have access to exclusive networking events and are often promoted on the chamber’s website.

Exclusive member events are a great way to build relationships with other business owners, and your membership can help legitimize your business in the eyes of your community.

Chamber members also have an integral role to play in local business policy. 

You might not be interested in government, but meeting the people who advocate for you is undoubtedly a positive thing and can help your business.

Local policy directly influences your business’s success!

Your chamber of commerce can provide you with valuable networking opportunities, but if you don’t want to wait for a networking event, that’s not a problem!

Find the people and businesses you want to talk to, and talk to them!

Your fellow contractors are always looking for good people to work with, right?

Reach out!

5. Reach Out to Local General and Building Contractors 

Is your local home show or networking event months from now?

Not to worry!

Organized events are excellent resources - but they are FAR from the ONLY resource you have at your disposal for expanding your network and marketing your business.

Know what could help?

A google search.

Or a phone book!

That’s right - you can search for local contractors or business owners and start a conversation with them about spray foam insulation.

Approaching strangers might not be easy for you, and that’s okay!

Everyone starts somewhere. Your start can be a handshake and a sincere smile.

Struggling to find contractors?

Grab those business cards, and take a drive.

What are you looking for? Well, building sites, of course!

Time to approach the building contractors in their natural habitats!

Be bold!

All you need is the chance to bid on a job.  

If you can get in front of an actual person and have an honest conversation with them, they will remember you.

And it all starts with an excellent first impression and a genuine interest in the person you’re talking with.

So march right up to your fellow human, and treat them like one!  

You believe in your product, and you have reason to - spray foam insulation is incredible! 

And maybe your first conversation never even breaches that topic. 

That’s okay!

You put your face out there and left your new contractor friend with your business card.

That’s networking!

You want the work, right?

Go out there and get it!

Even if you don’t land that first bid, you’ve grown your network.

Who knows - maybe you’ll see that contractor at the next community event.

Being an active member of your community has its perks!

Get your face out there, and you will be rewarded.

6. Become an Active Member of Your Community

You’re a busy person.

But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that community and social interaction are important.

People need each other.

Being intentional about how you spend your time and who you spend it with is vital to your physical and mental health - and to the health of your business.

Your business can’t thrive if you are drowning behind the scenes. Take care of yourself first, and your business will grow with you!

Being active in your community is good for you and a great networking strategy for your business!

People will recognize you if they see your face (and brand) everywhere! 

How do you get involved in your community?

You can sponsor a local sports team in exchange for advertising - and attend their events.

You can host an energy conservation training for your community at your local library. (Hint: you can also explain how spray foam insulation helps conserve energy in that training!)

You can participate in community festivals and parades. Everyone loves candy!

There are countless ways to be involved! Given enough time, people will take notice.

And people are much more likely to hire someone they know and trust to help them than a random stranger.

If you’re still a random stranger to your community, don’t worry!

We’ve got good news for you: even if you’re a random stranger now, one introduction makes you an acquaintance. 

Bam! No longer a random stranger.  

So introduce yourself, and make that first conversation a good one!

Need a quick way to get your name out into your community?

You can’t go wrong with yard signs!

7. Canvas with Yard Signs

That’s right. Yard signs.

Just like flamingoes, they are tried and true!

Politicians do this all the time!

You’re not a politician - you’re a spray foam contractor - but you are still offering an important service to your community.

You are helping to bring safe and comfortable spaces to your neighbors.

You are helping to build their homes.

You are protecting their livestock.

You are saving them money and potentially saving their lives.

No - really! You are!

If a big winter storm hits and the electricity goes out, that insulation you sprayed in your neighbor’s house could be what is keeping their house warm enough for them to live.

If that pesky heatwave strikes and temperatures are sky-rocketing, your insulation helps create safe spaces where people can rest easy, knowing they are not in danger of overheating.

Your business is bringing security to your community.

And your community needs to know that you care!

Yard signs are a great way to spread the word. 


There you have it!

Seven ways to market your business and expand your network in your community.

Expanding your network is an essential part of growing your business.

And Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has got your back!

We want you to succeed - and we know that you can.

With these seven tips, you can get out there and start growing your business in your community.

If you want more information about how to start networking online, you’re in luck!

We will be sharing our online marketing tips next week.

Stay tuned, and SPRAY ON!

- The Team at BOSS


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