In the trenches with You

In the trenches with You

We are all in this together. More than anything else that happens in the office or our machine shop, or on our assembly floor, we believe in the core value that we are all in this together. But what does that mean? First, its important to understand that we are not a company that is out to strip every dollar off of our customer, because in our mind when you are in that hot attic or on top of that roof, under that crawlspace using BOSS equipment we are there with you. This means that your success is our success. Ten or eleven years ago I literally was there, and many days my success hinged on if I could get the support I needed to keep my equipment running the way I was promised it would when I bought it. That’s why as the manufacturer of our equipment when you need us we are there in the trenches with you to keep everything moving forward.

"...We are there with you."

If you have ever spent any time with me you might have had me ask you what your dreams are, but it is too often that I see people become disappointed at the thought of what those aspirations are. We get bogged down in the slog of it costs too much, its too much risk, or I might not be able to figure it out. So we don’t chase our dreams. We abandon them for a safer choice and resign ourselves to coping with our self-inflicted misery. But I want to encourage everyone of you that dreams about owning their own business that there is a way to chase the dream and there are people out there, including myself, that want to empower you grab a hold of that dream and realize your success. We pride ourselves here in our commitment to doing everything we can to make sure that you have all the tools you need to be successful. 

Not sure how to get started? We already know the questions you haven’t thought to ask yet. Need help figuring out what type of machine is right for you? We have you covered and can make sure you don’t miss a thing. What happens if something breaks down? We have every part in stock and someone on the phone ready to guide you through the steps to get back in the game. What if I don’t know anything about how the equipment works? We have a foam school for that. What if I can’t come to your shop? We deliver. What if I still need help getting started? How does on the job training sound?

We believe what we have here is genuinely unique and a level of service that you will find nowhere else. Our commitment to you starts with that first phone call, email, or message. Because it is truly the heart of what we do here to Put Control Back in the Hands of the Contractor. So reach out! Give us a call, send us an email, or send us a message on social media, we are ready.

Spray on,

Eric Bentson

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