Designed Simple... Built to Last

Designed Simple... Built to Last

Nothing embodies the driving force behind our engineering process than these five words: Designed Simple, Built to Last.

The origin of our design theory is rooted in our own origins. I started in the same place many of you did, running a rig in hot attics, cramped crawl spaces, and windy roofs fighting with equipment that was far too complicated and always seemed to have a problem that couldn't be solved with the tools on hand. I realized that the core components of my proportioner were mechanical not electrical and many of the functions that the complex motherboard in my proportioner were handling could be solved with a mechanical process that wouldn't need a programmer to fix if something went wrong. So I set about making a new machine for myself to use that addressed these exact issues, I wanted something that could be fixed with wrenches and pliers and didn't require a lick of code. 

Eric with the original boss machine

Using a borrowed shop and a few skipped meals I ended up with this, my first BOSS machine (the name came later, of course.) The machine was designed with no frills and no unnecessary features and every tool I needed to fix something could fit in my trailer's tool box. What happened next was something I couldn't have predicted, someone made me an offer to buy it.

"The machine was designed with no frills and no unnecessary features and every tool I needed to fix something could fit in my trailer's tool box."

Every decision we make about our equipment is tempered with our depth of experience as being that contractor trying to get the job done right and on time. We endeavor to make every machine, hose, gun, and part a reliable piece of equipment that lasts for years and years to come and if you take a look at our track record that is exactly what we have done. Our machines require less maintenance, are more affordable, and require less advanced knowledge to work on. This is all because we use proven mechanical designs that can handle the abuse that our industry requires, built out of rugged parts that will last for years, and assembled by our own team in our factory in North Louisiana.

Putting control back in the hands of the contractor is what drives our business. I used to think that business was about making money. Now I realize its about making people, and you are our people. Everything from our website to our equipment to our Foam School is about making sure you are empowered with the tools you need to be successful as a contractor. No other manufacturer will go as far to make sure your business is successful, because that's our heart. 

I love talking to the people out there using our equipment so give us a call, contact me on Facebook, or comment on this blog. Keep fighting the good fight.

                                Spray on,

                                    Eric Bentson


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