In 1994, Eric Bentson was on the back end of a spray gun. He knows the costly frustration of down time when the equipment just wasn’t up to the job. He started in the same place many of you did, running a rig in hot attics, cramped crawl spaces, and windy roofs fighting with equipment that was far too complicated and always seemed to have a problem that couldn't be solved with the tools on hand. He realized that the core components of his proportioner were mechanical not electrical and many of the functions that the complex motherboard in his proportioner were handling could be solved with a mechanical process that wouldn't need a programmer to fix if something went wrong. So he set about making a new machine for myself to use that addressed these exact issues, he wanted something that could be fixed with wrenches and pliers and didn't require a lick of code. That’s why in 2005 he founded Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing to build machines that:

  • exceed expectations for toughness, dependability and ease of use
  • incorporate features that make products reliable and cost-effective

Eric is a hands-on owner who is committed to producing a quality product. He has assembled a talented team that knows the business inside and out. These knowledgeable professionals are eager to share their expertise with you. We have built a reputation for putting customers first. Have a question about a faulty machine? Call us. Need a part now? We’ll work to get it to you ASAP. Need advice on what machine will best meet your needs? Let’s talk about it. Unlike other companies who sell you machines and then say, “Sorry, you’re on your own,” we’re here for you.

We offer fast turnaround for mobile spray rigs that feature industrial-grade components and high-quality generators and compressors. And because every team member knows how to build a machine from the ground up, we are all here to help you with your needs.

Eric Bentson with a BOSS Gun Eric and Kenny in Machine Shop
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