What is HAVOC?

What is HAVOC?

I have seen some variation of the same question floating around in the comments of facebook, youtube, and instagram for a while now: What is Havoc? Well, I am glad you asked, because Havoc is something that we at BOSS are pretty proud of. To really understand what Havoc is we need to go back a few months to the 2020 SPFA Convention. About that time we had a new product that we were gearing up to unveil at the show and we were super excited about it. Internally the product had been named Havoc but it had not yet received an official name. It was about this time that we had to make a very difficult decision to NOT unveil the product. It was about this time the marketing department was feeling that the product was earning its Havoc name. Ultimately though we felt as a company that the product was not ready and it still needed fine tuning before we released it to the world. It dawned on us then that there was still this lingering need to fill a void in the industry. We kept seeing a trend of equipment with a reputation for reliability getting more and more expensive with new features and bells and whistles being added every year to justify these higher prices, and on the other side the cheap equipment was increasingly being imported from other countries with lower and lower quality because the manufacturers couldn't really be held responsible for their poor quality. There is a clear gap in our industry for a manufacturer to step into and we took it upon ourselves to service a segment that has been neglected.

So this is what Havoc is to us. Reliable, simple, durable equipment made in the United States by engineers and craftsmen that stand behind their product, for an affordable price. This affordable price can't just come from nowhere though so we have trimmed our margins down as much as feasibly possible, we have also eliminated the bells and whistles that don't effect your ability to spray foam. We machine our parts from raw materials right in house to keep costs as low as possible and eliminate as many middle men as possible. We have a highly knowledgeable staff machining and assembling all of our equipment to ensure that we operate as efficiently as possible.

We do all this to make a way for the contractor getting their business started to have as much opportunity and capital possible to be successful. You may have heard us say it before and its still true, We want to put Control Back in the Contractor's Hand. If you have been following us for a minute you will notice that our prices are as low as you have ever seen them, this isn't a sale but we also don't know how long we can keep these prices this low. We aren't fans of the high pressure sales techniques so when we say this is a limited time opportunity, it really is. We really believe in what we are offering and want to partner with you to take you as far as you want to go.

Havoc is disrupting the status quo by being the ally of the contractor instead of the barrier to entry, the bill collector, or abandoner.

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