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Simple Design

In the spray foam industry, time is money. We know because we’ve sprayed foam for a living. We know how costly down time can be when equipment problems bring work to a halt while you wait for repairs.

That’s why Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing places the highest priority on building equipment that is durable, dependable and easy to use. We use only the highest quality components for our products, which are USA-made with a commitment to ease of use. With a few flicks of the wrist, you are in business, spraying foam on the job site.

This simple design is found across our complete line of spray-foam products:

All of our equipment will stand up to the rigors of the job. Our simple four-switch design allows you to get up and running quickly. Our spray guns are easy to maintain and service. Our continuous-link hoses are more efficient and cost-effective to use than a string of shorter hoses hooked together. When replacement parts are needed, our design allows for timesaving changeovers that keep you on the job, not on the sidelines.

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